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Re: Jack, here is Myers-Briggs Introverts and Extroverts and what Riso says about my type.
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Re: Jack, here is Myers-Briggs Introverts and Extroverts and what Riso says about my type.

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Posted by Flower Pagan ( on February 06, 2003 at 02:09:17:

In Reply to: Re: Jack, here is Myers-Briggs Introverts and Extroverts and what Riso says about my type. posted by Karen ( on February 05, 2003 at 20:15:19:

> I believe the Jungian theory is that we all rely on all of the functions to an extent. Each pair can be seen as a continuum, and you would fall somewhere on this axis (of introversion/extraversion, for example) depending on how strong your preference is. It could very well be that you don't have a strong preference for any of the functions and so the personality types really wouldn't apply much to you. The type descriptions are going to apply to people with strong preferences. Jung's theory was that we would move toward the center as we grew older and more balanced. As a 9, you could be pretty balanced for I/E, S/N, T/F, but I would bet you have at least some preference for P.

FP: I wrote in the post that my primary is P which is stronger than my secondary of being J. Yes, P is my preference, but the J does comes out from it's hiding place, especially when I want to get things done and settled and move on! It makes me feel good when I get things done, like I am moving forward. :o)

FP: "J or P: I have not found what Riso says about this for my personality, except my core type(9) is normally P and my wing(1) is famous for J, so I would say I am both. My primary is P and my secondary is J, but they are both a part of who I am."

FP: When I take the MBTI tests, it is like I am forced to choose between the two, which is a big struggle in me since I see aspects of both in me at the same time. When I look at Soap Operas, I can see the literal aspects and the principles of things that they do at the same time, I don't know how to be either or when both are equally important and obvious to me. Some people see the Bible as literal and some see the meaning behind the words, when I see the literal and the principles in the same sentences, though langauge is arbitrary within itself. Maybe, this is how I am able to help people to understand each other's way of looking at things sometimes, whether or not I agree with them. There are advantages of being this way and disadvantages of being this way, like wondering why NFP won't tell me the facts or answer my questions directly or why does STJ doesn't take the subjectivity of people and their perceptions in consideration alone with the facts. Facts and Opinions are both valid to me because they both plays a part in the situation. Does any of this stuff make sense to you?

In making a decision, I take logic and values in consideration because they are both are important to me. Like the lawyer deals with logic of the facts and the judge deals with values and principles of the law and they are both equally important in prosecuting a criminal and can't do one without the other. Of course, there are many ways of looking at this, of course. According to Myers and Briggs, there are 16 ways of seeing this. ha, ha, ha.

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