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Ahhhh, it is quite liberating to let the ONE out!
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Ahhhh, it is quite liberating to let the ONE out!

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Posted by Flower Pagan ( on February 13, 2003 at 03:23:37:

In Reply to: Re: Do you understand how I think now? posted by Primer Gray ( on February 12, 2003 at 15:36:50:

> > > Look at it like this, KB is a train on a set track...nobody can make him deviate from that course. You know what he's about, you know his game, and you become upset that he doesn't change.

> > FP: I have to admit, I was a little upset with him when I wrote the two posts because that is how I am when I watch CNN, Nightline, World News, Dateline, 20/20, 48 hours, local news, etc..., and I keep hearing about the war and the obstacles we faced and the mistakes Americans have made in the past that has influenced this chaotic mess that we face today. I get more irritated with people, including K.B.'s, stupid pettiness of contributing more negative chaos into our world and adding more problem that is so UNNECCESSARY at a time like this!

> Adding a problem? You give too much credit here. Do you see there being some sort of Rube Goldberg device of chaos that is set off by a big bucket filled with all the negative energy in the world reaching a certain level? I can't agree that stuff like this has anything to do with any sort of reality, or real problems, or anything to do with some mystical influencing of world affairs.

FP: Wow! You have a rich imagination if you can come up with all that just from what I wrote. I mean, he is adding negativity in the world by adding to more negativity on the boards when we are already bombarded by the news media in various forms concerning the negative issues that we already face. I think I am too logical to believe in whoever this guy you mentioned to me. I don't know who he is, sorry.

> > FP: Picture this, if you were in a car with four friends and ended up in a rack and one of them got hurt, so two of you are trying to help the hurt friend and hope to get help in time before the friend dies, but one of your friends is complaining how his shirt got torn and has a spot on his new pair of white socks while one of you is on the verge of death. Well, I see K.B. as that friend who is complaining about petty crap while people's lives are being threaten with death and destruction all over the world, which includes millions of innocent children. I hope you can understand my irritation with him. I have no patience for his childish petty foolishness right now.

> Well, I'd ignore the whiny friend...stuff like that is just white noise. How is explaining to him how he's not helping and is being childish actually Going To Help?

FP: I bet you if Froggy yells at the guy, he would stop whiney! ha, ha, ha.

> > It's simple, if he bugs you, ignore him. Sure, being ignored is what set him off in the first place...but, what's the point of reasoning?

> > FP: I have ignored him for over a week (Feb. 3rd was the last post until yesterday Feb. 11) because he is a boring waste of time. I thought he wrote a sincere post, so I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and tried to relate to him like a human being, which he is. Well, I am going to return to ignoring him again. I have actually stopped reading most his posts because they got too boring from lacking any substance or depth. His petty selfishness is too much for me to deal with as I see our world is facing major chaos and people are scared. This tension between the US and Iraq is causing a lot of tension all over the world.

> Exactly, all the more reason to be pragmatic in approaching this.

FP: I don't mind helping people if it is going to make their lives better for them, which is pragmatic if they follow through and see the great results. In this case, I felt like letting all that repressed Oneness in me out in the open. K.B. was the perfect situation for me to release it all out for a change. I feel much better. Ahhhhh! Liberating too! Now, everybody knows the truth about me, including myself. Liberating! Ahhhh! LOL It is healing for me to allow that side to be expressed freely. LOL

> > FP: Does he realize the consequences of his behavior? Does he know how to take responsibility for his own actions of why people ignores him? I just wanted to do the right thing and help him to understand why he was being ignored. I am the type of person who have asked a child, does he understand why his step-father have given him a whipping. He says no, he did not understand. When I explained it to him, he understood and had more peace in his heart and was able to know what behavior to change. I don't assume people can read minds and always know why things happened to them, I like to make sure they understand if possible. I think I have done my part by communicating to him with genuine honesty.

> No. Yes. You did your part...continually telling him the same thing is pointless.

FP: It is not pointless to me. Remember, we have different values in how we deal with life and people. I don't think it is never pointless to tell people what is positive and right, regardless of how they use that information. I think they should have more ethics education programs in schools across the US that will help children to grow up with a conscience and learning how to do more critical thinking in dealing with situations that they face in life more logical and with principles that they can live by from within. Perhaps, they won't allow others to deter them from following their convictions, dreams and inspirations that is not violating anybody.

> > KB is KB, his flames can only burn if they're acknowledged.

> > FP: His flames doesn't burn me. He just look like one of those brats that act out to get attention. If he burns me, I would have turned to ashes after one week of working with children in the past. People who act out like he does is crying out for help or attention or love, whatever the case maybe. I think he is crying out for reformation. ha, ha, ha.

> Well, he is a brat...there will be no negotiations with brats.

FP: You will be surprised how many brats have changed into better people because someone took the time out and had a good talk with them and/or have shown them things that have made them think about and had impact them for the good. Let's say, if K.B., knew he was going to prison for doing this and knows the law is watching him, he would stop because the consequences are undesirable.

FP: Yes, brats can be negotiated with, and it have been done many times. Even Dewayne West have reform the baddest brats into respectable people after giving them a reality check of the consequences that they could be facing if they don't change. I even have some of my baddest boys became very nice and wonderful boys and stayed out of trouble as much as possible. I did not use scare tactics, in my case. I treated them like human beings. You win some and lose some. I am not a specialist and far from it. Of course, I am more designed to sit behind a monitor than to work with a group of kids 15 or more. I was not aware of the One in me at that time and was afraid of being abusive if I allow myself to disregard their sensative souls. I had my fears. Perhaps, I remember how adults, like my mother, has hurt my sensative soul with her abusive words.

FP: To be honest with you, I prefer to deal with children in a small group or one on one on my free time and make money in a peaceful environment where I can go inside of my head and tune out the world. (smiles)

> > Why on earth are people trying to rescue/rehabilitate him?

> > FP: Well, I have began to understand more things about me and have learned to face the truth and tried not to repress it from my awareness because of it's undesirability. Well, let's first acknowledge that each enneatype has their tendencies, please. I have a ONE wing. If I can change it or get rid of it, I would, I would, really! Can you understand that I can see his need for reformation or improvement, which will be more rewarding in the long run and will be able to make fulfilling friendships.

> I can understand that you see the need for reformation...and I can see that he sees it and uses it to drive people like you crazy...as a five, I'm just telling you your efforts will be more fruitful elsewhere.

FP: It does not matter to me if he continues to make a fool of himself online or not because I have a wonderful life with my boyfriend. My best friend is coming to visit me soon and we are going to go everywhere, like we use to before I moved. I have a lot of things that keeps me busy and things to do before I return to school. We may move in the summer. If he choses to live a miserable life, that is his choice because I will be happy regardless if he is or not.

> > If he want to change, he will...otherwise, blow it off, you're just stressing yourself out for his amusement.

> > FP: I agree with you that he will change if he wants to, but I just wanted to give him a little encouragement. I am sorry. I thought I was trying to do the right thing. Perhaps, reformation will make him a more peaceful and resolute individual who has more self-worth and self-esteem, like P tried to tell him before that he need to have some dignity for himself.

> Nah, sometimes you just gotta say "fuck 'em". Write that one off, it's a loss.

FP: Perhaps, you are right about him and this case. I feel it is his lost if he ignore anything I told him that could benefit him and his future happiness in the present. He is not special to me, so I don't care about the outcome of his decision as I would with those that I am very close to. He is the one who has to live with those negative consequences, not I. His lost, not mines. I am doing what I need to do for me. I got my new glasses today! I am so happy about that!!!

> > Why do you care about his redemption? You'll be happier if you stop caring about him and focus on issues that might matter...or just caring about other people that aren't just messing with you.

> > FP: I am aware of his existance and his need to grow as a human being. I recognize the importance of growth, especially for me because if I don't grow, I would go through life being a stolid zombie and wake up one day with deep regrets. Riso made me realized that. It is nice to have close friends and a great boyfriend that cares about me, as reminders for great reasons to be alert to the present and to allow life to touch me. I guess, you can say, I am sometimes a detached and warm humanitarian. ha, ha, ha.

> He's responsible for himself...you can't make anyone grow. No percentage in that. I'm aware of the needs of personal growth on his part too...I just don't care if he actually does it.

> > FP: I would be happier if we have world peace and the ethical standards are raised higher in all leaders of each Nation without repressing and oppressing the people who dwell in the lands. I would be happier if Bush would stop embarrassing us by causing Nelson Mandala to rebuke us. Well, for now, I will be happier to return back to the science Museum and buy me some stones/rocks and a book to go with it. If you want to see it, click on the link below.

> While I've agreed on a lot of things Mandela has said, and respect him highly, I really do NOT believe that the US is pressuring a substantive statement from the UN just because the leader is black.

> I think the allegation is insulting, the rebuke is insulting because I see it as incorrect.

FP: I need to hear his statement again. I did not hear the part of the leader being black. Well, I must have been tired that day. LOL If that is the reasoning, I don't see the logic of the leader's skin colors has anything to do with the situation. The US would do the same if the leader's skin is white. Gee Wiz!

> > Primer Gray,

> > FP: I hope, you have gained a better understanding of who I am in abstract sort of way. I am sorry for mistaken this immature individual to be someone who could be reasoned with, unfortunately. I guess, I can be too much of an idealistic dreamer, though I don't have the money to Disney World, like Walt Disney and Neverland, Micheal Jackson. ha, ha, ha.

> You apologize too much, but other than that you're ok. :) I'm sure you've gained a bit of understanding of me from this exchange as well. Until later...vaya con queso.

FP: I guess, I always dislike how Ones are so strict and hard on people throughout history to this present day in many cases, and I don't want to be that type, but I see that in many ways, I have too many of those traits in me and realized that it is a part of myself I did not like. I am trying to accept that part of me. K.B. brings it out of me more. LOL
Do you like type Ones? I am glad it is just my wing! Whew!!!

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