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Prove to me what I have to gain first
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Prove to me what I have to gain first

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Posted by Margaret ( on February 24, 2003 at 20:08:55:

In Reply to: Re: why would someone do something like this? posted by Perciever ( on February 22, 2003 at 11:15:48:

Why should I continue to remain in these silly little contests - who has the most self control, who can resist the most, who can abstain the most, who is most clean, who needs to be with another the least, etc. Why? What do I have to gain? Prove to me I have something worthwhile to gain. Then, maybe, if I think it's worth the time and energy, maybe, I'll think about it, maybe.

See, the whole point, win, but for what? Some Joe-Schmoe, trying to 'beat' me out, trying to 'win' me over, for what? How meaningless, time consuming, energy draining, time wasting, and, for what? Why should I spend time and energy 'beating' him out? For what? Sure, it's easy, sure, I can win, as I always have, and have always, I've always done this, with him, with everyone else, with it being a cinch, not a wince, zillions of times, forever, my whole life, never let anyone 'win' me over. I always resisted, always won, always 'beat' them out. But for what? So what?

Like the guy who 'conquers' women, you have your women who 'conquer' men by rejecting them, all, in the end. But so what? After a while, doesn't it too, like all things not meaningful, get to be pointless? The guy starts to think, why bother still doing this, I'm not getting anything from this anymore, as the women thinks why should I either, neither am I.

So what can you get from it? What's the 'incentive', what's there to gain? Something time consumming and energy-zapping, but for what? For something expended on something with no prize, so why bother?

How about going after something with substance. Something with meaning. Something without a 'contest'. Something that is just two people interested in each other, with no games to play. Why can't it just be kept simple like that? why play games with no prize? Why win, for nothing?

Prove to me I have something worthwhile to gain, only then will I bother possibly considering it. It has to be good though. Otherwise, sorry, but I don't have time.

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