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Posted by old four ( on February 27, 2003 at 20:10:28:

In Reply to: Re: ANYWAY posted by Margaret ( on February 27, 2003 at 19:34:08:


> ***I don't know about intimate relationship, but i *do* know about working with one. I have an 2 istj for a boss now, and, you are either on his good side, or his bad side, he either likes you and will keep you or does not and will replace you.

> I am in a position where actually his boss (a 5) met me, liked me, and he (along with my former boss' recommendation, who was a 3 and also liked me) offered me this new position. On top of that, I just met my boss' boss' boss today, who might be a 7, and I think he like me too.

> Basically, I can tell you this, when people come up to him, he says, check with Margaret (me). He has given me so much freedom, power, and authority to accomplish my goals to help his office meet their numbers, I have never had this before, it is really amazing. It's actually kind of scary, because I am literally being thrown into something I have never done before and am honetstly not sure how to do it. Tommorrow I have to do my first closing as a processor, and I still have not been trained on it, I have to wing it, and just guess at it, and although I have been really nervous about this, all I can think of is really looking forward to giving it all I hvae, my best shot. The whole office, including him, many times end up looking to me for the final say, to go either ahead or not, and man, it is amazing. Yes, it's scary, when the Two says you're the one in charge, but, you know something, I'm actually kind of liking it. I just wish I wasn't so nervous about it.

> All I can think about right now is just how much I really want to do well, and I so much want to be really good at this. I am nervous, but within time, and with pracice, I'm sure I'll do alright.

> Meanwhile, it is so important to stay the Two boss' good side, really, really, *really* important. I am always kind of nervous about making sure I stay on his goodside, because that can either make it or break it. As long as I work hard and he sees the effort I put into it, I think I'll be okay though.

> Now I just have to get my deposit back from my landlord who is also a Two ( but an unhealthy one). He has been hiding from me this past month when ever I try to ask about my deposit back. He is still unemployed, but, I'm sorry, but that's not my falut, and I need my money back. I told my Two boss about my (Two) landlord hiding from me, and he said to let him if I get into a problem, (hopefully a Two will know how to 'take care' of another Two, you know?) and it can get resolved.

> I wonder if you are scared being with a TWo, are you always wondering if you are on her bad side or good side? I don't know how diffenrent it must be with an intimate as opposed to a working realtioship. Although I am sure there are some similarities, there are probably differences too. Probably the similarity would be feeling good when you know you are on their good side and they support you.


attraction between 4 and 2 = friends

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