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Re: What Enneatypes are Anal? Neat freaks?
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Re: What Enneatypes are Anal? Neat freaks?

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Posted by pork ( on March 06, 2003 at 05:43:53:

In Reply to: What Enneatypes are Anal? Neat freaks? posted by Flower Pagan ( on March 05, 2003 at 00:45:30:

> I know type Ones is on that list for sure. I wonder could healthy and average type Fours be anal and/or neat freaks too? I wanted to hear about this from your experiences and what you have learned from the Enneagram teachers.

> Flower Pagan

I am, in some ways. Little ways. E.g., organization of personal working space, organization of file directories, keeping of personal documents.

For instance, I have over 600 music CDs, in alphabetical order by artist and, within artist, in chronological order by release date. I have owned most of these CDs for almost 10 years, and none of them has more than a barely-perceptible scratch on it. I have encoded them all on CD-R media (numbered and ordered) and a hard drive, and I keep the mp3 tags consistent.

I have a CD-R with backup applications, and when I acquire a new application, I save the compressed or installer file in a designated folder so I can add the files to the next update of my backup CD-R.

All this archiving and organizing pay off. What if my 600 CDs were in random, ever-changing order? It would take me at least 5 minutes of tedious flipping around to find one, assuming they were all in one place. If not, I would have to flip around here, dig around there, go to another room, maybe, and do the same thing - nonsense.

If I had to format my hard drive, I could restore it to its working state within a few hours, with everything I had before. What if I were a disorganized non-archivist, and my hard drive crashed? First, I would be lucky if I could locate my Windows installer disc. I've known people who had to dig through junk to find their OS disc. Even if I got Windows back up, I would have lost 35 gigabytes of music files. If I wanted them on my computer again, I would have to undertake the slow process of re-encoding them from the original audio CDs. Also, I would have lost over a gigabyte of videogame console emulators and disk/ROM images, and almost 300 megabytes of old DOS games (which is a lot, since these games average about 5 megabytes each, and were originally on 3.5" floppy disks). It wouldn't be worth it - all that stuff gone. "A stitch in time saves nine," as the old saying goes.

I was a very messy child, by the way. More than most, even. I didn't turn around until I was about 14. Not coincidentally, that age marked many lifestyle improvements. Many people fall out of whack during adolescnce. I fell into it, having been out my whole life to that point.


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