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You guys are funny, though it was not about sex.
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You guys are funny, though it was not about sex.

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Posted by Flower Pagan ( on March 10, 2003 at 00:58:55:

In Reply to: Re: What Enneatypes are Anal? Neat freaks? posted by Ryan ( on March 09, 2003 at 01:40:54:

You guys are funny! I enjoy reading your perceptions on type and sexuality, though I don't agree with you from my experience, which remains a mystery to the 9Types gang. LOL When we mentioned anal, it was not about sex, but it was a Freudian typology in a sense.

Anal is those people who got hang ups about being neat and orderly in some kind of way. Perhaps, somebody else can explain to you guys what that word means better than I can. I am not a fan of Sigmund Freud and his psychosexual analysis, but I used the word this time because I know someone who refers to herself as "anal" and she does live up to it, but her last boyfriend was worst. They are "neat freaks".

What do you two have to say about anal in the content of a person who put too much stress of cleaning the house or concerned about it to the point it is a thing of tension or a little neurotic?

If you have to know, I know someone who had sex with a type 1w9 and told me that he was good, but he was not wild and far from being dull based on someones experience! LOL Ryan, how was type 1 a pain to you? Their shoulds and shouldn'ts? LOL

How are Sevens the most anal, when they are known to be slobs in some cases? What does anal mean to you? I am aware it does have many different meanings as confusing as the American language can get.

I believe THREES take their need for success into bed with them. If they don't make a woman climax, it could be failure to them if that is their goal. It all depends on the goal of each individual, including type 3. Two boyfriends before Froggy was a type 3 and I believe another boyfriend from the past with image oriented self was also the same way. They were fun to be with in private because in public, they are concerned about their image at the time. They were not authentic men in this case. LOL

I know for a fact all Fours are not into sado-masochism, perhaps some of them are. I know one who is into cuting off his breathing for pleasure, which he have told me about when he was very unhealthy. You can't sterotype each type as "all are into ..." and expect that to measure up to actual facts and statistics.

I knew a Five who studied the woman's anatomy as a science and applies his scientific knowledge very impressively to my surprised, but I know all Fives are not the same and have no desires to find out. In that case, we were incompatible with one another, but we remain friends over the years. Cory, you say Fives like to masturbate, but I thought that was true of men of every type, especially what I heard from various of people and caught a few of them in the act. LOL

As far as for Six, it all depends on his mood, like several other types. I agree with you that Six can be into the Sado-masochistic thing as well, but I believe some would think it is a horrible thing to do to the human body. LOL

I won't touch the subject of Sevens and Eights and don't want to know. LOL I am aware that they are very liberal from what I read in Ennebooks. I could only handle the Christian version of these two. ha, ha, ha.

That is not true about type 9, unless the 9 is very timid and was severely emotionally abused in some kind of way that left them trying to keep the peace at all cost to the point of allowing someone to violate one's own boundaries that badly. Even Nines have their limits too.

> You have to remember that the reason 1's are 1's is because they repress their instinctual desires. They are still there. They won't have sex with everybody but if you do manage to get a 1 in bed then he/she will get pretty wild with a little coaxing. Not everybody has the patience to do this, though.

> All in all, they are a pretty good match sexually for the 5, who is curious and doesn't mind helping another person explore his/her instincts. 1s are a pain in the ass for 5s in all other aspects of a relationship, though. I suppose I speak from experience rather than any kind of intellectual analysis.

> Ryan

> > Well, 7's tend to be the most anal since they are always up for new experiences. But don't count out open-minded 9's or perverted 5's. I think 1's are probably some of the dullest bedmates, not by my experience, but from a purely theoretical point of view. I imagine 2's would love to give oral and be submissive since they love to please. 3's are probably too much into themselves to pleasure their partner. 4's are all into sado-masochism. 5's like to masturbate too. 6's can do the sado-masochist thing too, I think 6 is a very sexual type. 7's will do anything under the sun. 8's like to be in charge and control the other. 9's go along with anything you tell them to.

> > -Cory

> > > I know type Ones is on that list for sure. I wonder could healthy and average type Fours be anal and/or neat freaks too? I wanted to hear about this from your experiences and what you have learned from the Enneagram teachers.

> > > Flower Pagan

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