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Re: Really Honest
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Re: Really Honest

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Posted by Sharlee ( on March 11, 2003 at 03:56:43:

In Reply to: Really Honest posted by emoot(: ( on March 10, 2003 at 11:45:57:

### Emoot, Good sentiments. I prefer honesty but up to a point I can tolerate games people play provided there is no animosity expressed in those games. Sometimes people misinterpret the written word and feel hurt where none was intended, at other times,it is obvious that the derogatory remark was intended whether for amusement or otherwise. There is much to be gained from being honest and one of those benefits is to form real links with people around the world even under a pseudonym. I'm hopeful of a successful rebuild of this enneagram community.


> Honesty is a basic for relationships of any kind. It's a foundation pedestal for humanity. Without that support, things remain in one place.... on the ground. The attempts to keep building a community continue but they can't be built to last.

> Maybe that's why the board has such a difficult time staying consistent. It is in a constant state of rebuilding.

> I realize that the internet is about the last place on earth that one can expect to find honesty(or real friends) because of this lack of accountability. Too, there is a safety limit to how honest one can be in such a highly public atmosphere. I suppose part of it requires a healthy dose of common sense and moderate expectation. (I know I have expected way too much from it at times,as for myself, being so idealistically inclined.)

> I think people crave authenticity even when the circumstances for it aren't accomodating. People naturally want to know that what they are hearing is the truth. The main reason is that truth is the only thing that has value. You can't value a lie. It leaves an acidic odor of betrayal in the air.

> It is sort of a paradox, really. If people are presented with a situation where they are allowed express themselves anonymously, it seems many are inclined to make up a big whopping story about themselves to make their lives sound more interesting. In psychological realms that would be called avoidance of the truth or denial. knowing the truth about yourself is probably the hardest pill to swallow but, again, it is the only thing really worth knowing about yourself. You cant move forward to a more healthful place without it.

> So, I guess what I am saying is that if we continue to post on here....maybe it would do us all some good to be as honest as we (safely) can. I mean, because isn't the point of posting on here supposed to be about learning new things, exchanging ideas and understanding one another's opinions and points view?

> Do you think this kind of thing is possible or are we doomed to continually rebuild?

> Sincerely,
> emoot(:

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