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Re: Honesty and Etiquette (My second attempt...)
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Re: Honesty and Etiquette (My second attempt...)

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Posted by emoot(: ( on March 15, 2003 at 10:15:39:

In Reply to: Re: Honesty and Etiquette (My second attempt...) posted by Flower Pagan ( on March 14, 2003 at 00:23:35:

> FP: Emoot, I think something is wrong with me because your post reminds me of how outgoing I was. Maybe, I still am and just have isolated myself too much to see myself this way all the time. I was so nervous going in front of the church to speak with the minister that I sware, I probably look like a flake. It was my first time speaking to a minister in a regular church in years. I only spoke with Unity Ministers and said hi to my former paster, one a year, atleast, but I don't talk with him, like I used to. It was the first time, it felt natural for me to be in a regular church, and I don't know if that means I made it back in to stay or it is just a phase (visit). I wanted to thank the minister for his message because it was beneficial to me. I am reading an apologetic book on the Trinity and another one on church history. I already read one on the Bible. Do you know anything about Calvary Chapel?

= FP, you are probably not feeling as outgoing as you used to feel because you are in a new location. When I was first married I moved to a new city and knew no one(I guess I thought it wouldn't be that hard because I made friends fairly easily in college but then I forgot that in college you kinda get automatic friends because you have to live with people who are all in the same situation you are...friendships and connections are readily available there),

Anyway, it was very hard on my introverted self in this new town... the only friends I had were at work, we were only in that town for two years and we didn't have enough time to establish a strong church connection. Then we moved again to another state and our first home had no near by neighbors, plus, I had to commute to another town for my job so I barely even felt like I lived in the town my home was in. And on top of that my husband and I couldn't seem to find a church to settle on....we kept switching every couple of months.
And I can't make friends that easily unless I see people often enough to get passed my initial introversion wall, which takes a good solid four to six months. I was really missing friendships in my life and feeling very isolated. I was beginning to think that I might not ever have friends again.

Anyway we kept searching and finally we found this good sized church with about 4,000 people attending each Sunday. It is a community church and it is a very laid back atmosphere,contemporary, teaching church. We decided to go there after about five or six visits. It was alot different from the church I grew up with but I agreed with everything they were teaching. It was like everything I already believed but more motivated toward life application. SO that was really cool. All this time I had been praying for friends and after just one year and connecting with other people near my age....I found some very dear friends. I even found some fourish friends..... (:

Now, I feel more like my old self. I'm involved with the church, community, and my( we moved into a new house) neighborhood. It's amazing how much I have grown.... my husband and are even leading a study group.

I know a little bit about it Calvary. There is one here in my town although I have not visited. I looked at their website and read through some of their basic beliefs and teachings. It looks to me like they are doing a very good thing. It looks like their emphasis is on personal growth, acceptance, and purpose.... that's gotta be good.

Since you listed some of the things you are reading, I have another very good reccomendation for you... that really helped me.. figure some things out.... It is called ... " The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. Amazon.com has it. This book was good for me because you only had to read about five pages a day and with my attention span that worked out well for me. (:


> Flower Pagan
> FP: Worshipper of the creator of the flowers and beauty!

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