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enneagramic interpretation
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enneagramic interpretation

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Posted by pork ( on March 18, 2003 at 21:25:31:

In Reply to: bird ghost posted by Bartholomew ( on March 18, 2003 at 17:50:03:

Short + cagey = difficult indeed.

So, rather than attempt to deduce your definitive meaning, I'll employ a little trick of my own: an interpretation on my own "turf," as it were - an enneagramic interpretation.

If you show a simple gardener a poem, and he interprets it neatly, if provincially, from a gardening viewpoint, how can you really argue with him? ;)

That said, the poem could represent the dynamic between points One and Seven, though a familiarity with the Enneagram is not really necessary to understand this psychological phenomenon.

Line 1

"Weightless": free from gravity.
"Fluttering": free to move.
"Birds": free to fly.

Metaphorically, "weightless" can mean free from responsibility or from boundedness to one terrestrial area. Same, of course, for "birds."

This interpretation of Line 1 corresponds to the Seven's principal ego fixation: fear of constraint.

Line 2

"Wood": Structure, stability.
"Glue": Binding and constraining agent.

This interpretation of Line 2 corresponds to the industrious relationship of Seven to One. Freedom is, to an extent, predicated on structure. You can drive off anytime, for instance, but not if you're too disorganized to find your car keys. The idea feared by the "freedom loving" mind ironically abets freedom.

Sevens (when entranced) also reject point One, fighting constraint, and Line 2 could just as easily stand for that. An additional interpretation of Line 2 adds another dimension to the "negative" 7c1 idea:

"Wood glue": drug used for escapism.

This interpretation of Line 2 corresponds distinctly to the Seven's rejection or defiance of One. The constraining, structuring agent ironically abets an escapist flight from constraint and structure.

My two interpretations of Line 2, though they consider the words differently, need not preclude each other in my interpretation of the overall poem.

"Ghost" could represent the illusiveness of ego in general, or the insubstantial nature of escapism in particular.

The parentheses around "wood glue" could represent the fearful attempt of the Seven's ego to minimize the influence of point One upon them.

If that's completely different from what you had in mind, then forgive me being too single-minded. Over six years, the Enneagram has got to me.


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