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Actually, most are. This is just an exception (nt)
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Actually, most are. This is just an exception (nt)

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Posted by Bartholomew ( on March 20, 2003 at 08:04:18:

In Reply to: Bart's poems aren't poems in the traditional sense posted by froggyTheFrog ( on March 19, 2003 at 22:49:40:

> He called it a poem, but it's actually a riddle.

> The way he presents them, they are actually riddles. The "poem" is meant to be dissected and reconstructed in order to find its meaning, hence "every word is important." It does make an excellent poem about the feeling of a loss of freedom, though, if you are looking at it in an artistic sense. I am anxiously awaiting to see the back page of the book... (Think of crosswords and logic puzzles.)

> Froggy

> > I have learned in my Composition classes that poetry is a matter of interpretation. It means different things to different people. That is one of the beauty of poetry that it can give different people a different message, just like abstract paintings. It is all a matter of interpretation for each individual.

> > Maybe, Bart wants to strip the art of poetry and force his interpretation onto others, instead of allowing others to be inspired from their own intuitive thought. I love logic, but I know not to intrude logic into the artistic world, which is why I prefer a practical career because I am.

> > Perhaps, I will be attacked by Bart for my perception and understanding from what I have learned in school. You don't have to take my word for it. Go to a poetry reading and talk to poets or go talk with professors in literature and creative writing courses and find out for yourself. Of course, there are books out there on the subject. I prefer you to discover for yourself and use your own mind that you are blessed with.

> > If I want my poetry to be understood by others, I would use language that is more direct and straightforward, like you would see in Kathy Hurley's book with the poetry about each Enneatype, even though that still a matter of interpretation because we all don't see things collectively like the Borgs (Star Trak species), thank God we are individuals.

> > Flower Pagan

> > PS- The Borgs are going to assimulate you! LOL

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