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Re: Actually, most are. This is just an exception (nt)
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Re: Actually, most are. This is just an exception (nt)

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Posted by 5 ( on March 21, 2003 at 15:52:32:

In Reply to: Actually, most are. This is just an exception (nt) posted by Bartholomew ( on March 20, 2003 at 08:04:18:

I read it. I can see many possible intrepretions but most of them are in some way negative(but I see one positive one). Maybe it's the so called "poem". Maybe it's like an ink blot and I'm seeing what I want too. Abstract poetry can often be that way.
This is the one I think is the most correct:
(wood glue) to me says structure-connnection. which could be good in that structure can be a source of comfort. but could just as easily make one feel trapped.

Weightless fluttering bird- alone each can symbolize freedom. But weightless can mean powerless. fluttering could be an attempt to get away from the structure but the bird is weightless(powerless/unimportant). Bird could be a lower form(I mean it is a bird it lives in it's narrow little world)

And of course the title "Bird ghost" again another word that could be positive ghosts are freed of their earthly bonds but are also quite powerless and disconnected from that world.

So from tha I think it could be a person(bird) who is struggling(fluttering) but can't escape(from it's wood glue) because he/she is powerless(weightless/ghost). Maybe Bart even meant humanity(bird) is fluttering away in it's little corner the earth(hince the ()'s around wood glue)(the trap) but we ultimately are powerless(weightless).

If I'm correct in that the poem is negitive. Bart what is with all the word's the are posative. "Bird ghost" clearly has words with very conflicting in there possible connotations. And if only one meaning can be correct in poetry to you and your going to write peoms like that; you shouldn't quit your day job. But I liked it anyway.

P.S: could the "bird"(what ever it represents if anything) be flaping because it's weightless to gain more power. I certainly hope you didn't literaly mean there's a dead bird that's to dumb to stop flaping even though it's weightless.

Am I even in the ball park on that one?.

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