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Re: The full answer
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Re: The full answer

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Posted by pork ( on March 21, 2003 at 18:06:17:

In Reply to: The full answer posted by Bartholomew ( on March 21, 2003 at 16:34:35:

Heck, I shoulda known. I made the "wood = structure" assumption, too.

Now... it's a weightless fluttering bird, it's a plane in outer space...

No, it's _Puzzle Panic Pig_ with another gripping, dramatic episode of "Finish the Story"!

"Melvin and his Rubik's Cube"

Melvin was playing with his Rubik's cube. He didn't like to miss out on the world's visual goodies, so he thought to himself "I want to see every possible combination on this Rubik's cube." He turned it around in his hands, looking at all the sides. "That's ONE combination," he thought. Just as he was about to start making all the possible patterns, his mother called from the kitchen, "Dinner will be ready in five minutes!" Realizing he didn't have much time, he decided to settle for knowing how many patterns were possible. He did a little mental arithmetic, and arrived at a number. At dinner, he wiped a spaghetti stain from his chin, and yelped out "HEY, Mom and Dad, do you know how many ways you can arrange a Rubik's cube?" Dad glanced over his newspaper and mumbled "Nuh-uh." Melvin squinted through his glasses, and continued, "Wellllll, it's...."

Only you can bring this exciting story to an end! WHAT did Melvin say? Our studio audience is on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear from you.... (drum roll)


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