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Re: my god, what has happened to me?
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Re: my god, what has happened to me?

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Posted by Margaret ( on March 25, 2003 at 14:52:47:

In Reply to: Re: god, did I get ripped off? posted by froggyTheFrog ( on March 23, 2003 at 23:07:34:

Froggy, I am in a nightmare that has went from bad to worse.
I can no longer stand where I live, let alone this office. The poeple I work with are complete morons. I wish I have stayed in the other office. My god, they at least had brains in their heads. The people here are so stupid, I don't think the word pity would suffice. Them as well as the people I live with. I don't know who is more pitiful. They are about the same.

You know the reason why I left the other office, excellent people, great friends, to be with complete morons? Why did I leave where I was?
Because I thought it would be better here, less stress.

Guess what?

Not. It's the exact opposite. The stress here has become worse. Mostly because the poeple here are stupider. They're not as smart as the ones up north. They take twice as long to do their deals, and after all that, (I always end up pricing for them because they never do it right), they don't price it at the end. My god, the people up north never tookt this long. And they knew how to price thier deals. The ones here are pricing their deals working for charity, if that.

Which means I am doing twice the work, increased hours, and for less pay. Because my pay is based upon how well they price it. And since they are all pricing for charity and less, guess what? I'm working their shit deals for free.

Okay, so now I got increased stress, lesser pay, longer hours, and to top it all off, these people are complete morons and unpleasant to work with. None of them are any fun to work with. I don't know what to do anymore. All day I work with idiots. I used to work with excellent people. Now I'm stuck with morons. And the stress level, which is why I left has not changed, but only got worse.

To top that off, I go home to some wild maniac houshold with this crazy 40 something yr old women with fricking kids from 18 different fathers, 2 differnet generations of kidsat least. Can this woman not keep her legs closed for one second even? Does she know who the fathers are even? How many guys does she have coming over anyway? With all those dam kids all over the place?

The household is overloaded with people who come over from god knows where and sleep on the couch. I feel like I'm living in Mexico. With a Mexican family. With this much crowdedness and no privacy, I may as well be. I am practically already.

Can you beleive, I am paying this guy's mortgage off (her latest ex-husband knocked on my door to announce he was the owner of the house, and who the heck was I and what was I doing there, in his house? What are you talking about, I'm paying your f**ing mortgage, that's what - you don't like it, give me my money back). All this just so I can have strangers sleep on the couch and get crowded out?

I left NJ for this?

What has happened? what has happened to me? Why did this have to happen to me? Why me? Why?

I have some guy at the office who needs me right now, this very second, while I type this at the library, but he wasted my whole day on some shit deal, so I said, screw him, I'm sick of working for charity, I got car payments, and I want to buy my own house, I'm not going to get there from him and his shit deal, so walked right out without telling him nor anyone else I was leaving. They are so dumb, they will not know anything happened. If he wasn't so stupid and would have priced it decent, I would have stayed. But he wasted my day for shit pricing, and I have bills to pay, so I left.

If these complete moron people keep making me work hard stress and long hours for charity very much longer, I'm going back up north.

I have bills to pay.

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