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Re: restoration vs. lack of privacyRe: restoration vs. lack of privacy~
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Re: restoration vs. lack of privacyRe: restoration vs. lack of privacy~

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Posted by Flower Pagan ( on March 28, 2003 at 05:04:48:

In Reply to: Re: restoration vs. lack of privacy posted by Margaret ( on March 26, 2003 at 19:55:35:

> > How come life is so hard for you to manage yet so easy for others? It has to do with your perceptions and expectations.

> ****My perceptions and perspectives are sound and restored when in solitude, when I get privacy space and time to myself and it's not taken up by other people's demands. No privacy to come home too especially after long and hard work days, that's what's killing me, it's the complete lack of privacy ad 'space' the I don't have when I come home, not the daytime. The day is good, the office is good. I like working hard. I liek the people. I just need total and complete privacy when I come home at night (as well as on the weekends), that's all.

FP: I can understand that. Couldn't you go to restaurant with your journal and pen and reflect, where you have space and solitude to yourself? How about a park? Do you have a favorite place to go to or a favorite restaurant? One day I was writing about the meaning of everything that got my attention in a restaurant and was more able to get more in touch with my feelings, my desires, my fears, etc... I was sitting at a table to myself enjoying the peacefulness and harmony.

FP: Perhaps, you can rent a motel room one night to enjoy the peacefulness of solitude and serenity. When you pack your journal and pen, please, don't forget the want ads. Reason, see below...

> And if I don't get it when I get home, I go nuts. I really go nuts. My sanity is restored when alone (with no noise). When deprived of solitude, I go bonkers. To move somewhere to live alone is the ideal, with no other roomates living in it. But that is hard to do on my budget, if not impossible.

FP: How about a reasonable compromise here. You don't want to live in a house full of people, but you can't afford to live alone right now, so how about a roommate who can rent you your own room and possibly your own bathroom. Could that be a possibility? This is why I say pack the want ads or whatever they have roommate ads or rooms for rent in apartments and/or houses. Perhaps, it would be helpful to take a newspaper to a restaurant with you and see what is available and let us know what you come up with.

FP: You have to try for the sake of your sanity and personal need for space. I do understand and hope you get out of that situation, ASAP!

FP: If you are working full-time, perhaps, you can afford to have your own room, even if you don't have the whole place to yourself. Roommates are nice to have if you are compatible and you have your own space. It has to be better than living in a house full of people and chaos with no space of your own to connect with yourself. Right?

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