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Re: FOE Part Two
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Re: FOE Part Two

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Posted by Starfire ( on April 03, 2003 at 08:36:27:

In Reply to: FOE posted by Starfire ( on April 03, 2003 at 07:39:33:

A few days later, I was sitting at my table when Idalil came over. She told me that I was wanted somewhere. I asked her where but she got extremely angry and said "You don't want to go?" She then grabbed me by my long hair and man that hurt. Picked me up and hit me in the stomach hard enough for me to feel it. She then took my arm hard and dragged me away. All the kids were looking and stood up but nobody did anything as she dragged me.

I didn't understand it.

Halfway through the cafeteria she hit me HARD in the stomach again. So hard that I bent over in extreme pain and she pulled me by my hair out through the door. All I could see were those long, evil toes of hers.

She dragged me to that closed door and it slowly dawned on me but I wouldn't believe it. She took out her keys, opened the door and the inside was pitch black. She dragged me in and I was screaming now. She slammed the door with her big foot and cackled "Scream all you want. Nobody will hear you". She then dragged me down the stairs with my body hitting each step and then I heard noise below. Idalil yelled out open the light and I heard talking in Russian.

The light went on and I saw Betty and Olga leering in anticipation and then I knew.

My heart sank but my dick was getting hard against my belief and my will.

Idalil pulled me up and pushed me roughly to the center of the room. Betty and Olga came forward. "Me first, I went and got him" said Idalil as she leered evilly and smirked with that hideous smile and tilted head. She threw me to her feet.

They smelled like a combination of hot puke in the summer rotting away and spoiled cheese. I gagged. She put her toes to my mouth and slapped me in the face so hard that I almost lost consciousness. I was scared and did what I had to do in order to live. I started kissing her toes and almost passed out from the stink.

My mouth opened involuntarily and she shoved them in my mouth, forced me to suck on them. She then sat down, shoved her toes down my throat until I gagged. She took them out as she began to orgasm and I admit i did too. Then she took her right shoe off and placed her naked sole to my face; ordered me to kiss and lick her huge smelly sole that smelled evil, foul, like rancid cheese and I had to do it.

Her foot covered my entire face as she cackled "That's what I want. That's what you deserve for you being so cute and me being so homely". I had to kiss and lick it; she'd sometimes take her foot away slightly so that she could see my face for her arousement and I saw Olga's big toe by my face, wiggling in lustful anticipation.

Idalil orgasmed again and she was through with me for now.

Olga took over. She got on top of me and pulled down my pants. I was too weak to resist. She stuck her huge toe into my anus in and out in and out. I screamed. She laughed evilly. She orgasmed and then threw me over, climbed on top, put me in her and had her way with me. We both orgasmed but mine was involuntary.

I was a kid of 14 in Junior High in California. I was a nice kid that liked to joke around and maybe was a little curious about things but you know.

> Ome day we were walking into gym. Us guys. I think I was the only one who noticed the two cleaning women above us. They were sort of checking us out, but I noticed that they were checking out the better looking, more mature looking guys only and I wondered what I appeared to be. They were both what you'd call really ugly or homely women. One was named Betty; everybody used to laugh at her and the way she dressed. She wore almost rags and cleaned floors in high heeled open toed and open back vamps with her incredible long and hard toes sticking out. She was tall, skinny, long and plain faced.

> Her friend was a recent immigrant from Russia named Olga. She was short, sort of stooped over. Had huge hulking shoulders, a very homely and mean face, short hair, large breasts, she was built strong and solid as a brick. She wore those one toe sticking out open toed shoes with the reverse V that the toe stuck out of. Her great toe was hard and thick and big and it protruded out like a dumb tongue. The rest of the shoes were buckle strap and open buckle back and her heel was thick and huge and protruded out.

> So as I passed them I turned around. Betty wasn't looking at me but Olga was: a sort of incredible yearning on her face and an evil leer and I caught her staring at me.

> A few days later, I saw them cleaning in the hall. I don't know why but I went over to Betty and started talking to her. She was friendly and then I saw Olga. She was inside the room and I just walked over to her. Betty followed me inside.

> Olga didn't speak much English but she was grabbing at me sort of playfully but I could see the lust behind it. I was scared but tried to be cool. She was grabbing my ass calling me cupcake and sticking her thick fingers in my hole; grabbing my dick which was getting hard against my will. She was flirting with me I guess by saying "we marry" "how old?" but then she grabbed me and pulled me to another part of the room which had a locked door. I knew what she was about to do and so I ran away.

> Ever since then, they would look mean, evil, lustfully at me everytime they saw me and would whisper to each other and Olga would wiggle her huge toe in that incredibly ugly big shoe and Betty would kick off her vamp, lift her heel and scratch her sole.

> Those Animals!

> Then we got a new sub English teacher who was a hall and lunch monitor for us too. Her name was Idalil, she was Italian from Los Angeles. She had this constant evil leer; the homeliest woman I ever saw. She was short, short hair, thick and solid built, moderate sized breasts. Her head was always ghastly tilted to her right. She'd be smirking with that leer.

> She stood by the cafeteria door. I wanted to be funny so I said to her "Excuse me but are you the maitre'd?" She looked REAL angry (joke not funny to her) and I walked away. Fast.

> Everytime she saw me after that. Took attendance or whatever? She'd look like she wanted to kill me but after awhile I thought I saw real hot raging desire in her eyes as well but I paid my suspicions no mind.

> She started to wear these hideous open toed flat shoes with all five of her toes sticking out. Her toes were unbelievably hard, thick, long. These were black shoes with a V that she put her evil looking toes through. Open heel in back with also a huge, thick, hard heel protruding through like Olga.

> One day I saw her (for the first time) hanging out with Olga and Betty. The three of them stood by a locked door, they saw me and looked evilly at me and began whispering.



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