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After looking at other posts...
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After looking at other posts...

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Posted by froggyTheFrog ( on April 04, 2003 at 21:56:08:

In Reply to: Re: Why? posted by froggyTheFrog ( on April 03, 2003 at 20:04:13:


Stress can kill a person's judgement. At least it does kill mine. What people said on this board reminds me of something that Flower told me. "Dr. Phil says that people teach others how to treat them." To which I replied, "All my stress is my own damn fault. I deserve no sympathy." Of course, we all deserve support, but we also do have to remember to look at ourselves in a situation and replay how we handled things. Just like everyone else, we are a participant in our own situations. Other people might be at fault, but we can not change their behavior. We can only change our own. Don't let the disappointments that come along bring you down. Look ahead... More can happen and more will. Continue to concentrate on the ways you can change your situation. Keep moving. It is not hopeless. Don't let anything stop you. It is not all going to happen at once. You've got to build it day by day. Does this help any?


> It's obvious from what you wrote that you work very hard at this job, but your efforts are not going to be acknowledged, much less recognized. Social situations determine what kind of rewards *this* job will get you. Do you think you're getting a substantial raise any time soon? I don't know. Did the person who has the power to give you the raise tell you where they were going when you were following them? Hmmmm.... They know how hard of a worker you are, and they want to keep you. But you are not going to profit from your efforts. Take that extra 3-4 hours you spend on the job and jump onto Headhunter.net instead. When you leave, do so politely without an attitude. I know they deserve an attitude from you, but it looks like they lost a gem and you don't want them to have anything tangible against you.

> Froggy

> > Everything I worked for, 11 hour day everyday weeks, I was supposed to get a commission check for everything that I helped close these past two months. Today they announce to me I am not going to get it because there is a 'new rule' - I need to split it with some young punk kid who just started the other week, and did NONE of the work I've been slaving over these past whole TWO *months* and obviously did *nowhere* near what I did.

> > It doesn't stop there. I stayed late today (another 12 hour day) after they announced the new fuckyou plan instead of leaving early like I should have, becasue they were goin out and I didn't want to show them I no longer wanted to be part of the team, so I stayed 12 hours despite my headache, just to be a 'good sport'.

> > They drive fast, and lose me behind a red light and don't wait for me.
> > They never told me where they were going. They blew me off. Totally blew me off. I called on my boss's cell phone. He said he'd tell me where they were when they get there. He never called. They blew me off. So I stayed late again, for nothing.

> > I left my whole life behind. I left everything. For this. All for this. All to get ripped off, cheated, to live with animals, to get ripped off and cheated and fucked over again and again and again and again and again.
> > And again.

> > Why did they lure me here just to fuck me over and over again and again and again and again and again?
> > I don't know what to do anymore. The people here, they fucked me over so bad, so hard. They fucked me over, I had it really good over there in NJ. I really had it really good. They fucked me over here. They fucked me over. They made me lose everything I ever had and then fucked me over.

> > Why did they have to do that to me? Why did they do that? Why did they have to fuck me over like that? Why did they have to do that? That was so unfair. That was so bad. Why? Why did they fuck me over? Why did they fuck me over? Why? Why? What did I do? What did I do?

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