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Posted by Justin ( on April 15, 2003 at 23:21:11:

In Reply to: Re: What is the meaning of life? posted by emoot(: ( on April 15, 2003 at 19:39:53:

Thank you very much for taking your time to reply, emoot. It was much appreciated. I have to agree that your meaning to life may not neccesary be applicable to me, which is really why I decided to post my question on the board. I don't really recall what being a Type 4 is all about any longer, but I remember than a year ago when I first found out that I am, I really related myself to it very much. In fact, I Was really content to have a group to related to or at least, know I have somewhere to belong. I wonder if this is one of the characteristic of 4s- always seeking somewhere to belong. And if so, perhaps an idication of a lower self-esteem and higer insecurity, then tracable bakc perhaps to a certain childhood pattern. But these are beside the point (though by that point raises yet another characteristic of 4s which I suspect to be- being anylitical, and sometimes, pro-cynical/ism)

Dear emoot, the meaning to your life seems one which would work out, because your focus would be outwards- towards achievement. In other words, living for the future, of what it could be and not what it has been or what it is now. My preoccupation however, seems to be one of my present, my past, and last but not least, my worries about my future. A bit self-contradictory, I sense this must be, however, I will not throw a campaign against any suggestions that I am being self contradictory caus eI probably am- and this is what drives me nuts. My question to the meaning of life relates much to the life which I used to have, a life where hope was put on God. But somewhere in some point of time, I just decided to try and see the world without God. Yet to date, I have sought no answers of satisfaction. The reason I 'left' God (technially, one can never leave God once he HAS accepted God), is because I cannot differ what is God and what is man.

People tend to see believers of Christ as one who attends church, but trust me, there is much more to that, and to some extent much less to that. A faith to Christ (or as a matter, faith to anthing), though my eyes is not one about what physical actions manifests in. It's not about whethe rI GO to chruc, but rather, whether my heart is IN chruch. And that having said, to be with Christ would be techinically a matter of whether I love Christ. (Sorry, not trying to be spreading some kind of religion here, just making a point). The problem with the Christian comunity I see however, is that blind sheeps just tend to flock together (people who attend church so denoted as sheeps here). Sometimes, without us noticing, humans are weak, we just are. Without us knowing, we start believing in not God, but we start beliving in what the MAJORITY does. And that is when what the Bible says become what man says. Because the pastor or your cell group leader would be interpreting the bible in terms of what he or this she sees it (subjected in turn to the personal history/ background he/ she has come out of). Where then is the REAL God? If the matter of God is one which is determined by the sight of man, then who IS God? Everyone would have their "own" God, or every group would have their own God... then I ask- where is God? and Which one is THE truth?

Having said that, I again self contradict myself, because I rebuke the practice of man to hang with the norm, yet in my seeking of meanign to life I however sense a need for relation to people to satisfy a degree of my loneliness. A big joke this turns out to be isn't it?

Anyone care to enlighten me or throw me with their theories and rebuttal on a fraction of my thoughts about?

Many thanks,


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