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5 is my guess
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5 is my guess

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Posted by emoot(: ( on May 02, 2003 at 07:58:03:

In Reply to: Maybe I'm a 4w3 and NOT a 4w5 posted by Rho ( on May 01, 2003 at 23:18:08:

> I've always thought of my self as fiveish - I'm bookish for one, read a lot a lot a lot - literature, philosophy, used to read scifi, politics, science, to really know the world, to understand this place. Like I feel that it can just never be understood - here's the 4ish part, I've become real mystic about it. guess I always have been. Also, I don't see it as threatening, its more a source of wonder and .. a way to understand myself better.

= Speaking from an extremely unauthoritative point, I'd say you are a 4w5 still. I mean I guess I am comparing what you are saying here to my own experience, and who knows how much that's worth,....but that mystic sense of wonder thing is very me.

Then there's your interests...my four wing five nature loves Romance and Sci-fi. I read tons of philosophy, science, and politics. Plus a lot of apologetics.

Did you say what your Myers Briggs type is?

> But I do also have this LOOK AT **MMEEEE** thing - and I think people really want to be lookiing at me, like it will do them some good to pay attention to me. (ha ha, yes, i really have these ideas) I also have this idea that success has little to do with talent. Sucessful people end up that way because they are good at on thing above all. Suceeding.

> But maybe I am just going thru my 3 phase.

This, too, is something I have seen in myself..... I have been known to actually show off ..... especially when I was a kid.... rare and out of character, even then, but nontheless..... I used to think, "Why did I act that way" and I would feel embarrassed about it later.

I think in adulthood it translates into a need to feel some kind of recognition for my artwork or talent. A little glory, if you will.... or maybe respect.

And speaking of success and talent.... I've got two opinions on that.
(you'll have to excuse me today, I am in a weird mood)

One, which is kind of a narrow scope....has to do with the level of writing and creativity coming out of Hollywood in the movie industry these days... If you consider that being able to make a movie is some level of success(having a studio pick up the tab or just having your foot in the door of Hollywood).....I almost can't believe some of the movies that make it to the screen these days, and I think to myself, "Is this supposed to be representative of the talent in Hollywood?".... and sometimes I find myself thinking "wow the world would be a better place if they had not made that movie" (I don't think it is all bad but there is very little that is really quality material)

I don't know, I guess it is because you hear all the time that it's such a competitive industry and so hard to make it in the movie business...but then the people who win produce a bunch of silly stuff and they are supposed to be the best and most talented? (and I could say the same thing for a large chunk of the music industry today too....)

So, from that point I'd agree with you... success in my view doesn't have that much to do with talent.

I almost think if you put someone on TV.... even if they are the most boring person on earth... just by being seen by millions of people...they will garner die-hard fans.

Success has a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time, knowing the right people, agressiveness and a good bit of tenacity.... that may be as you said, the talent in itself but it doesn't mean they produce superior material. (;

I am willing to believe that some of the most talented people on earth are like the garden in the forest that the world will never see.

Hey, sorry I wrote so much, but you touched on something that I think about a lot....

But back to the main point, I think you are a 4w5....


> What do you think? 3 or 5?

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