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the story behind the 'leu'
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the story behind the 'leu'

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Posted by Margaret ( on May 17, 2003 at 13:26:57:

In Reply to: Being E Type 4 is another Unfair obstacle to finan posted by raz62 ( on May 14, 2003 at 10:02:58:

***The guys making that kind of leu in your company are getting it because they are directly affecting the P&L (profit and loss). If you are working in an investment banking company, then that means only the actual bankers who are bringing in business are in the 'line' of business, the actual bread and butter. All other people (human resource, technical support, PR, etc - even including that former editor) are considered to be 'only' support, and although important, the reason why they are still 'only' is because they aren't bringing in actual business, they don't affect P&L.

At the end of the day, if the deal flow does not get changed (increase or decrease) by whatever you did, or signed for that day, then you are not considered to be in the line of business, you are support, and therfore the company does not depend upon you as much as they do the guys who DO affect the numbers every day.
Because of this, your payscale will reflect that.

Having said that, however, you do have another option available you might wnat to consider pursuing at this point.

Get a line job. Get a job as an editor at an editorial company. A publishing, newspaper, magazine, whatever. Someplace that provides editorial services as their bread and butter, not banking (or any other business). This will automatically increase your 'importance', because now what you edit will determine whether the company makes it or breaks it, because your company is selling your actual editing job. Your payout should reflect directly more here in what you do (by whether your customers respond by either purchasing or not what you're selling to them).

Instead of being their inhouse publishing, move outside, where you can offer editorial services to them at a better rate (and with a better paycheck) from the outside.

> Being E Type 4 is another Unfair obstacle to financial success:

> I would just like others to share on this.

> I have been at the same job for 3 years, and the daily degradation has grown to absolutely unbearable, whereas others in this place (who are 1. male 2. either have no children or have their spouse/hired help do all the child care 3. from a top tier school and generally from upper middle or upper class families and 4. do NOT have E type 4 personalities) keep making more and more money -- they actually let some guy who already made $150,000 a year salary and 2x a year hefty bonuses (in the 40K area) con them into signing an extra $60,000 incentive because he threatened to quit. Meanwhile here I am, a female with two small children at home, so I do make a strict work schedule every week -- if warned in advance, I can arrange to stay an hour or two late, but I can't do it with no warning -- from a blue-collar background who went to a decent but not top school (Temple U. in Phila., for journalism, a subject for which Temple IS a top school) AND I'm a type 4, even though my 3 wing and Social variant first have helped me deal with at least persevering and showing up every day and still fighting for my just desserts. I made $33,000 first year, $38,650 second, and $37,425 this year. It's not very consoling to get no support and empathy from my family (other than my spouse, he sees things my way), my family says "Oh, you're lucky to have a job!" Well I'm going to quit and go back to working at the union supermarket, at least everyone was treated equally there. The worst blow was when I moved from associate editor to editor but did not get the former editor's compensation (about $53,000 a year) because "the company is on a raise freeze." Well, it wasn't a raise, it was a move into a vacant position, plus I know several people HAVE gotten hefty raises in the past year because they are valued and I am not. I don't know why I want to keep fighting. But I have been on public assistance before and I definitely to NOT want to go back to that. Something in me keeps seeing all of this money being thrown around here, I've never worked before with people who make so much money, and I feel that if I stick around long enough I'm bound to get my little fortune someday. Meanwhile, I was just excluded from a department meeting because I am just "support staff." The former editor was treated as a professional and I am treated like sh!t.

> Hey, what does this have to do with the Enneagram? Because I am sure that if I groveled at their feet and bragged all the time about my accomplishments and wore my cookie-cutter navy and gray suits every day and God knows what else I'd have to do -- socialize with them all the tiime after work, after all, the hell with my kids! -- then I'd be moved up. Which means that my Fourness is another obstacle. I cannot be a Core 3.

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