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Irritated by idiotic Type 8 coworker
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Irritated by idiotic Type 8 coworker

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Posted by raz62 ( on May 19, 2003 at 10:41:41:

While a smart Type 8 is truly a magnificent force to be reckoned with, a stupid 8 is just a big blabbermouth generally considered a pain in the ass by everyone who has to be with them.

One of my Type 8 co-workers just made me so fucking irritated that I had to post. As you might know from my earlier posts, I work in a department of 25 people where the top 12 make in the six figures and all got great deals 2 years ago when there was this mass exodus to another employer, my employer gave these people all kinds of contracts and benefits to keep them; the next group on the ladder (8) make between 40K-60K a year plus bonuses, and were not here two years ago when all of this deal making was going on, so they are pretty much oblivious to the whole matter. Then the bottom 5 of us WERE here two years ago and WERE promised that we'd be rewarded (I was supposed to get a $5000 raise) and IT WAS ALL A LIE. We haven't gotten SHIT.

Now this stupid type 8 I speak of was also in the group that got screwed over. We all make less than 40K a year. Anyway, I was talking to a guy about another top executive woman (with a salary of $160K a yr), she and the guy are kind of partners, who got herself and him a great vacation deal two years ago, she got both of them 2 extra weeks vacation (they each already had 2 or 3 to begin with). So this Type 8 woman invites herself into the conversation and starts bragging about how she has those same qualities as the $160K a year woman and how she always knows how to negotiate for things. I was so mad I wanted to blurt out to this guy "Oh, yes, on your whopping $36K a year you are really a mighty force in this department." It makes me mad because I know the truth and I fucking hate when people front like that. Not only was this woman not able to negotiate shit for herself, she never got any of us on the support staff ANYTHING!!!!! Yet she is stupid enough to put herself on the same level as this other woman.

Why does this make me so mad? I guess because I need to be seen as better than who I am better than, know what I am saying? My 3-wing no doubt.

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