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Looking at our Selves
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Looking at our Selves

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Posted by Ella ( on May 22, 2003 at 06:31:28:

In Reply to: No one is a pure type posted by Damian ( on May 21, 2003 at 23:38:50:

> Riso and Hudson tell us that no one is a pure type. They tell us that each of us has a certain proportion main type to wing. I am a type 5w4. I have issues of both 4 and 6, but I identify a lot more with 4. I can imagine being a 4 and feel like a 4w5 at times. But I cannot nearly so well imagine being a 6 and never feel like a 6w5, but instead as a 5w6 at times. I think that the wing refers to that adjacent type we go into the mode of as a main type - like me being a 5w4 going into 4w5 mode - and the other adjacent type we only touch in a mode as though it were our wing - like me being a 5w4 and going into 5w6 mode.

> How many people out there have this same experience? Is there anyone out there who feels they don't ever have any issues of the other adjacent type, or in some other way disagrees with what I have said? What are your reasons for this agreement or disagreement? I think I have observed in it others as well, particularly in those I know well.

> Another issue I wanted to ask people about is this: I know I am a 5w4, but sometimes I feel like a type 3w4. I go into a certain type 3w4 mode. And I think when under stress, I go into a more 3w2 mode when I was previously in the 3w4 mode. Stress seems to be the trigger that stitches the adjacent type dominance. I have noticed this same principle in place with my main tpye, 5w4. When I am under stress in my 5w4 mode, I go to 5w6 mode.

> I don't know if anybody here relates to this. But there is no question my main type is 5w4. I know I am not a 4, so that doesn't explain having both 5 and 3 issues.

> My personal stance at this time? I think it has something to do with my environment as a child. I think that the 3 issues arose due to the relationship I had with my mother after a certain age, as she became ill and then there was a divorce. It seems the only explanation that makes sense. But does that render type strictly environmental? I don't think so. But I also don't think the same things would affect me the same way now, since I am an adult and have a formed personality. I think as a child I had a basic type of 5w4, but I responded to my changing environment by developing 3 issues because I didn't have a completelt formed personality. I read in a psychology book that during adolescense we consolidate our ego identities. To be a healthy adolescent, and indeed, a healthy adult, we have to form an ego structure. But once that structure is put in place, it is our task to remove it and live in essence instead of personality. So ego fixation is a stage we all must go through. I think this would explain why I developed 3 issues as a preadolescent child and don't go around developing other type issues as an adult, because I formed my ego identity and respond to my environment either with it or out of essence.

> What do you guys think about this? Responses would be appreciated.

I think character is strictly down to nuture rather than nature. I don't see how it could be any other way.

That's very interesting about the 3 of adolescence, but not everyone is a 3 or evern a w3. Does this mean that we had diverse ego-building experiences as young people? How do people have different lengths of ego-building - parental affirmation etc?.. And what about 7s and 8s? I have a deep mistrust of them, lol, and they can have ego issues - where does that come from?

I agree about spending the rest of our lives try to remove ourselves from ourselves - I think amateur psychoanalysis is people realising there must be more to themselves than internal conflict, ;D.

About wings and multiple types, I hear what you're saying. When I first took the Enneagram tests, I couldn't have felt more strongly that I was a 4, a straight Four and only a 4. I still haven't decided on my wings, because it totally depends. I am pretty moody, and therefore when I feel calm, and focused, I am a w5 because I can easily just become so fascinated by everything around me. And when I'm restless, or ill-at-ease, I go into my shell to internalise relationships and issues and inwardly digest myself, over-analysing 'til I suddenly break out into a very free disinterest in anything to do with my Self.
Buddhism really got me thinking, as Nirvana is oblivion of the Self. I don't know, personally, if it's possible, though. I don't know if our goal should be oblivion of the self, the deleting of it, or rather the acceptance of it, and the love of it as a detached thing, as another part of the universe.
Was having a brief revelation, but no more, lol.

Ella, an INxP

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