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absolutely agree!
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absolutely agree!

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Posted by Rho ( on May 22, 2003 at 07:33:19:

In Reply to: No one is a pure type posted by Damian ( on May 21, 2003 at 23:38:50:

and I agree with Ella post about the self - I'm a buddhist too, and I'm getting round to have an intuitive sense that the Self is an illusion. However, preveiously I have (tried to) have discussions on this board with some enneagram people and they are very attached to the notion of the core fixed self. I don't buy it. And you can get into some hair splitting discussions it.

I see the enneagram types as much more of a pick and choose thing. I am 4 (w5) but I have a lot of nine-ness. Now, somebody will pull up some diagram and say well, "4 goes to x and 6 goes to y; unhealthy this and variant that" WHAT-ever!!! If you want to look for the significance of the number 14 in you life, you're gonna find it. If you want to find the way superficial clusters of behaviors relate on a random* grid, you'll find it. (actually, that naranjo fella had a good intuitive sense of these behaviors when he set this up - it is NOT some sufi thing like some people say. I have some sufi friends - not american sufis, but from the middle east, turkey, morroco, & they aint never heard of it!)

There are, or there used to be some real orthodox enea-guys (they were guys) on this board who would tell you that you HAVE to be one of eighteen types - that is your main type and wing. Silly. Of course you have qalities of other types. We used to have a couple of people come in with the heresy of 'random wings'. In this system I could call myself a 4w9. Why not? 9 identity and 9 issues resonate with me a lot more than 5 issues. I call myself 4w5 so that orthodox types can relate.

anyway, that's my rant. I usaully don't let go & state my real opinions unless i'm in somewhat like company. (see - very nine-ish - I could really go either way on this type thing, but I'm an artist, & I'm *always* doing the introspection thing, trying to understand & repair myself, so I feel I am a 4) I hate getting into disputes, especially when the other guy is an agressive arguer, rather than an "explorative" debater.

Finally, one pet peeve I have is those who judge another and *insist* they are some other type. I have a freind who insisted I was a 6, and it really bothered me, till I realized that he misinterpreted nearly everything I said, and saw me as a very differnet person from what I really am.

EXCUSEME for being on this SOAPBOX for so long!!!

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