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Re: Looking at our Selves
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Re: Looking at our Selves

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Posted by raz62 ( on May 22, 2003 at 09:49:06:

In Reply to: Looking at our Selves posted by Ella ( on May 22, 2003 at 06:31:28:

It was suggested to me early on that I NOT get wrapped up in lines of integration & disintegration (or, lines of security and lines of stress in a different school, and the two concepts are not necessarily parallel), and also not to worry about variants (the sexual/social/self pres thing). That if I could identify my Core Type and then look at the wing influence, that would be more than enough to work with for a long long time as far as self-improvement!

There is a question as to if we can have both wings. Also not definitive. I'm 40 so I should have some development in both wings by some people's standards.

So among the questions I saw in the origiinal post here was whether or not we can have more than one core type, and if our wing can be other than an adjacent type. I would say that the whole Enneagram structure is null and void if the answers to those questions are "yes."

I am a core 4 with both wings. Of all the types, if I were not a Four, I look most like a Six (on a feisty day) or a Nine (on a mellow day.) But that's because those three types share a lot of characteristics; for example, I will stick my nose into other people's conflicts and try to mediate, with (maybe unfair) partiality for the underdog if there is one. Fours do it because they empathize and might understand what's going on inside each party and want to make sure no one gets misunderstood (which is a Four's great personal fear); Sixes do it because they often champion the underdog and have a need to either side with or go against an established side; and Nines do it because they want peace at all costs. Also, all three of those types are often introverts. But I decided on Core 4 for so many reasons I can't list them all here. All you have to do is catch just one of my snooty elitist remarks which I can't supress even though I'm mortified right after I blurt it out . . .

I don't know why a Core 5 would feel like a 3 sometimes. They two types are similar in quite a few ways: they are among the most cynical, and they are task oriented and will suppress their feelings whenever necessary. (Although it must "feel" different to be a 3 putting feelings aside in order to achieve a goal while a 5 kind of detaches from feelings while intellectually absorbed in something.)

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