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Re: Do 4s internalize other people's pain?
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Re: Do 4s internalize other people's pain?

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Posted by Missy ( on May 25, 2003 at 13:19:39:

In Reply to: Do 4s internalize other people's pain? posted by old friend ( on May 22, 2003 at 22:50:48:

> I'm becoming aware that at times there is pain so deep and wrenching that it can't just be inside me or of my own being/making/situation...it has to include the pain other people are feeling. So it exponentiates. Interesting.

> My questions:

> Have any of you come to recognize this within your struggles or pain at times?
well, I used to get so involved in others pain that I'd be so consumed by it. And pain wasn't something that I dealt with very good on a personal level. in fact I had tried to run away from my pain, just aviod it, escape from it, and as I found relief temporary but it made the pain ten times worse. So now, I just try to deal with pain head on. sure I get an urge to not deal with it every now and then. But I know that its only for the greater good. For pain teaches us things about ourselves that are hard to take. Makes us grow us people.

> And how do you turn your experience into something healing for others as well as for yourself?
By example, this is probably the best. seeing that others chioces causes their pain, and just that from their pain they can turn into something better, to motivate them to try harder. but most people have to learn the hard way. and the best I can do is to just be there for them and share my experiences of overcoming difficulties and just offer my friendly support.

> And, how do you determine what (including the amount) is your own pain and what is it that is being filtered or channeled through you?
That's a complex question. Like when I failed school one semester. I had to deal with my own sense of failure and my parents dissapointments. this could go all ways and anyway. for instance, you could have pain from knowing that you caused others pain, like you killed someone. an extreme example, but it illustrates the point. this would make for a great dicussion. Just how much pain is really our own internal pain, and how much it is influenced by others or events, external pain.

> And, on a more literary note, was Rumi a 4?
i don't know. but the poetry is nice.

> "Confused and distraught "

> Again I am raging, I am in such a state by your soul that every
> bond you bind, I break, by your soul.
> I am like heaven, like the moon, like a candle by your glow; I am all
> reason, all love, all soul, by your soul.
> My joy is of your doing, my hangover of your thorn; whatever
> side you turn your face, I turn mine, by your soul.
> I spoke in error; it is not surprising to speak in error in this
> state, for this moment I cannot tell cup from wine, by your soul.
> I am that madman in bonds who binds the "divs"; I, the madman,
> am a Solomon with the "divs", by your soul.
> Whatever form other than love raises up its head from my
> heart, forthwith I drive it out of the court of my heart, by your soul.
> Come, you who have departed, for the thing that departs
> comes back; neither you are that, by my soul, nor I am that, by your soul.
> Disbeliever, do not conceal disbelief in your soul, for I will recite
> the secret of your destiny, by your soul.
> Out of love of Sham-e Tabrizi, through wakefulness or
> nightrising, like a spinning mote I am distraught, by your soul.

> "Mystical Poems of Rumi 2" A. J. Arberry
> The University of Chicago Press, 1991

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