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Re: Hello! and My So-Called Job
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Re: Hello! and My So-Called Job

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Posted by Margaret ( on May 27, 2003 at 19:54:49:

In Reply to: Hello! and My So-Called Job posted by Raz62 ( on May 27, 2003 at 09:37:59:

***That sounds great. I was always fascinated by fuax painting, always wanted to learn how to do it, like a huge mural on a big wall somewhere. Painting is so hard for me though. Decorative furniture painting is cool too. (I like folk painting in particular.) That stuff is so neat. Go for it.
I'm also might be out a job soon too. Although I accepted the assistant position wiht half the pay for the time being, I'm keeping it till the end of this month so I can use my vacation days in two weeks and get paid for it before I leave, I also have a conference in CA next week they are paying for and hope to go to Disneyland! (That's why I can't quit quite yet). Meanwhil, I am brushing up my resume and will find something local.
I am so looking forward to getting my own studio, gosh, I can't wait. Then I will statr to buy my own furniture. I am very eager and happy about this.

I also told you ealrier I wanted to write more but with no computer my own (internet access is blocked on my work computer too), have so little time. In two weeks when I go visit my folks, they have a computer, and I'm sure I'll have more time to elaborate then.
meanwhile, I'm too burnt out from work, I'd tried contacting HR, as well as suggesting a lawsuit, but that didn't help either, it got nowhere. Oh well. Besides, now I don't even care what happens anymore, just as long as I am still able to go to Disneyland and on vacation and get paid for it, before it's over, that's all I care about right now.

Cheers to your and my future, whatever it great surprises it brings! I'm sure in the end, It will turn out better for both of us afterall and we will be able to look back and say, gee, it turned out to be good I got pushed out of there after all, maybe it wasn't really much that good for either of us to begin with. But at least it was an expreience that counts!

So, there it is in a nutshell, go for your dreams!

> Hello rho, minbari, ella, katti, margaret, & all of the 4s!

> It's Tuesday after a long and mostly peaceful holiday and the charade has begun ... but what's funny now is that I am sitting here doing absolutely nothing and being paid for it, and the situation was the same for much of last week. Should I be alarmed that I may be being set up to be laid off? Well, I would be furious if I were laid off before the August 15 bonus (about 20 - 25% of my pay comes through the 3 bonuses spread over the year), but after that, I'd love to be on 9 months unemployment, get my part-time union job back, take 3 community college classes a year (the union job pays for it, my current job doesn't pay for shit), and help run a home decor buiness with my husband (he already gets decent work as a freelance interior specialty painter (fauxing & the like), and I would like to expand to all painting & paper hanging, and maybe some of the pre- work (drywall and spackling and the like, although this part interest me the least), and from there I have to see the most logical thing to expand into -- restoration painting? Also I'd like to do more than just walls/ceilings, etc. , maybe do decorative painting for furniture, etc.

> Well there's my dream --

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