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Re: ...Margaret...? (more)
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Re: ...Margaret...? (more)

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Posted by Margaret ( on June 04, 2003 at 19:59:08:

In Reply to: Re: ...Margaret...? (more) posted by Raz62 ( on June 04, 2003 at 15:25:20:

***She (a 7w8 ESFP)is a pet favorite of my boss's boss, and my boss is a TWO 'puppet' who does and says whatever his boss and her (since she 'speaks' for his boss) says. But all I guess all I have to do for now is just 'block' her (and the others who are not that nice) out of my mind until I get a new job which I will look for as soon as I get back from this trip. I also blew off work today ( called in sick) and just moved into my new apt today and now feel a little better getting that done with, and a new haircut and my dress tailored for next week's wedding. I look forward to seeing my family next week and I just want to stay working long enough to find something else somewhere else, even if it's just as little pay as this one until I find a better paying job, which I hope to someday find eventually. Just something to live on, something that pays the bills, that's all. Wonder if that day will ever come. So far it hasn't, sometimes I wonder if it ever will.

I cannot and will not have a life until then.

> Who is this woman, this "Senior processor" who turned and spoke to you like that? She's not even your boss, right, just some pushy person who has a higher status position. And she is new? This is a situation that calls for you to access whatever type 3- or 8- strength you have, combined with your 4 ability to verbally ridicule. (I believe all 4s are able to look at another person and sense their weak points.) Now I might sound mean, but after I am done withdrawing and licking my wounds, I usually come out ready to battle whomever attacked me, even if it's in a quiet way. OH, I would definitely NOT go on a 4-day "get to know each other" trip if that woman is part of it.

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