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Fours and Money problems
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Fours and Money problems

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Posted by raz62 ( on June 05, 2003 at 09:22:01:

Any one relate? I am a 4/3, so/sx/sp stacking. I don't know whether my problem is the type 4 personality or the self preservation being last, but I have had an absolutely horrible time with money all of my adult life.

Got off to a good start at age 21 -22, college degree, no debts, but started with nothing after leaving my parents home at about age 23-24. I have had problems with debt ever since. My natural tastes are to be very well-dressed, to work in creative fields (which corporate communications is really NOT but for me it was that or waitressing or cashiering), and of course I thought NYC was the place to be so I lived there from 12/89 to 4/94, which put me much further into debt, AND my ex (a self-pres 4/3 I think) and I really lived it up as far as partying -- so did all of the other bohemian types we hung with.

Things is, all of those debts from my 20s are gone now. What's happening now is this awful awful cycle of my working steady for the past 8 years and just these awful debts building up beyond my control -- NO CREDIT CARD, all medical, or rising prices of utilities and my falling behind,

Know what? I'm fu@king sick of this whole money topic. All of the hard work I did to rebuild my life and pay off the old debt is now being ripped apart. Hey, it's like the people who lost everything because they worked at Enron, I guess. But who is going to reimburse me for all of the shit I've been through these past 8 years?

The problem is that I want to buy my own house now and I don't want these liars and thieves to get on my credit rating. Like I got a $200+ bill from Sprint out of the blue, after paying only about $7 a month for several months, so I called them on it, and they ignored my calls and now that debt is on my credit rating. I never made $200+ worth of long distance calls!!!!!

Now I feel I might lose my job because my concentration is shot because of all of these money problems and other stress.

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