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Re: Fours and Money problems
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Re: Fours and Money problems

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Posted by raz62 ( on June 09, 2003 at 08:04:50:

In Reply to: Re: Fours and Money problems posted by P ( on June 05, 2003 at 16:10:27:

> > Any one relate? I am a 4/3, so/sx/sp stacking. I don't know whether my problem is the type 4 personality or the self preservation being last, but I have had an absolutely horrible time with money all of my adult life.

> > Got off to a good start at age 21 -22, college degree, no debts, but started with nothing after leaving my parents home at about age 23-24. I have had problems with debt ever since. My natural tastes are to be very well-dressed, to work in creative fields (which corporate communications is really NOT but for me it was that or waitressing or cashiering), and of course I thought NYC was the place to be so I lived there from 12/89 to 4/94, which put me much further into debt, AND my ex (a self-pres 4/3 I think) and I really lived it up as far as partying -- so did all of the other bohemian types we hung with.

> > Things is, all of those debts from my 20s are gone now. What's happening now is this awful awful cycle of my working steady for the past 8 years and just these awful debts building up beyond my control -- NO CREDIT CARD, all medical, or rising prices of utilities and my falling behind,

> > Know what? I'm fu@king sick of this whole money topic. All of the hard work I did to rebuild my life and pay off the old debt is now being ripped apart. Hey, it's like the people who lost everything because they worked at Enron, I guess. But who is going to reimburse me for all of the shit I've been through these past 8 years?

> > The problem is that I want to buy my own house now and I don't want these liars and thieves to get on my credit rating. Like I got a $200+ bill from Sprint out of the blue, after paying only about $7 a month for several months, so I called them on it, and they ignored my calls and now that debt is on my credit rating. I never made $200+ worth of long distance calls!!!!!

> > Now I feel I might lose my job because my concentration is shot because of all of these money problems and other stress.

> ***I think its NF's more than type 4 that have money problems. Just think though if you were married to a person like me you would have no debt yet would complain you werent having enough fun times and freedom to spend. Econonmics is very basic law.

>>>>>>raz's response: My only consolation is that it must be at least 90% of my absolute favorite artists ALL seem to have the same problems I have -- from Poe and Dostoevsky, to Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison (let's throw Mozart in there too to add some "class"), to VanGogh and Jackson Pollock -- all suffered from 1. depression 2. alcohol or drug problems and 3. poverty patches in their lives. (Hopefully I won't hit the the big #4., suicide, like poor Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath.) It's just the way of the creative person! I just have to accept who I am. I do not have the constitution of a money-making stockbroker.

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