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Posted by Margaret ( on June 09, 2003 at 19:59:42:

In Reply to: Margaret posted by raz62 ( on June 09, 2003 at 08:12:02:

> We are waiting to here what's happening with your job.

***This weekend didn't turn out so bad afterall. Instead of hanging out with the girl who made me feel bad, I met some new people to make acquaintaences with, people from other offices. I ended up hanging out with about 3 or 4 groups of people, as like in the past, also feel more comfortable with becoming acquatined with and friendly with a number of different groups of people instead of just one group.
Hung out with them and went on a couple rides at Disneyland (Indiana Jones was pretty good), and felt torn as I could not save enough seats for two groups at one table. So the next day, I hung out with the ones whose seats got taken up, becaues I didn't want them to feel like I favored the group above them. I like being freindly with 'everyone' really.

I was alwasy the kind who hung out with not just one group or 'clique', but 3 or 4. And then later on, seeing people from the 3 or 4 separate groups get to be friends with each other. I alwasy thought that was so cool for some reason. The more, the merrier, in a way (although up to an extant of course, nothing carried away).
I was always the kind who liked seeing one group of friends become friends with another group just because they they both knew me. That made me feel good to see. Bringing others together.
I got three groups together to take a picture who without me encouraging them to come in and join us, would not have done so. It gives me a good feeling to be inclusive like this. Getting other people to become friendly and make acquaitances with others.

And although I still think myself as primarily self pres, it could be because I am independent/loner/self pres, that I end up being very extraverted and social on the other end.
From one end to the other, from being alone, to having several friends, acquaitences, not just a few, but several, I feel comfortable on both these edge of the ends, not neccesarily in the middle, it's interesting. Maybe too long prolonged contact with just small number is too close to comfort or something. I prefer being on either end, alone, or with several others, it's either 'let's all get together with everyone and hang out and and have fun' or 'I need to be alone'.

Back to my job, the other procesors and my boss all blew off work today, so I had a good day just me in the room today. Next week, (unless I blow off work and use up more my sick/vacation days before I quit or get fired again), I will start job hunting. This week, right now I have only time left to unpack, wash clothes, and repack one more time to go fly out again in 2 days.
Thank you for asking, it feels good to know someone out there is empathzing and sahring similer experiences with you. Some day soon, both of us will get better situation, we'll jsut hang in there for time being:)

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