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Posted by emoot(: ( on June 11, 2003 at 07:20:24:

In Reply to: Re: alcoholic epiphany posted by Ella ( on June 11, 2003 at 04:35:25:

> Just to hrumph selfishly, no-one's posted advice for my alcoholism yet. HELP!!

=Yesterday, I tried to post something under that heading but for some reason or another it wouldn't let me do it....something with the server.

But I can basically, tell you what I said.......

Firstly, it reminded me of any given high school or college weekend.
I never drank but many of my friends imbibed.

Usually if someone got totally wasted the rest of the crew would have fun at their expense because it was so easy to have fun with a drunk....(not me ,of course, ...I was busy fending off my reasons for not drinking...and irking "some" people because I wouldn't. You know it got to be quite fun for me just to see how hard I could make people work at trying to make me drink.... It was just one of my personal choices - no big deal.)

I had a room mate in college (ISFP- Art ed major...very talented artist).. who used to be proud of the fact that she could drink any guy under the table. She consistently drank to excesses. My friends would play horrible jokes on her while she was so out of it. I know they wouldn't have messed with her while she was sober....she could be quite the spitfire.

So, it seems to me that your six friends were probably having fun at your expense...because you weren't together enough to defend yourself. On top of it you are an introverted four and anytime you behave out of your normal range, it really feels strange the next day to realize how out of control you were.

But, you seemed to have learned something.... because you said that you know it doesn't help you feel better. That's totally right. Alcohol, food, drugs, spending, relationships etc.... can't make pain go away or fix problems..... you can only deal with problems(self-harm?) in reality by facing them for what they are.

Of course, I am still an advocate of not drinking at all but....if you drink in the future....I'd say that you make a policy with yourself not to drink more than one beer per party. That way you'll never lose control of yourself.

What self-harm talk have you been hearing?

the "almost" voice of experience,

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