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Re: anger and self-preservation
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Re: anger and self-preservation

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Posted by RAZ62 ( on June 13, 2003 at 07:35:24:

In Reply to: Re: anger and self-preservation posted by P ( on June 12, 2003 at 16:52:53:

> >
> > Type 1- 0 Type 2- -6 Type 3- 5 Type 4- 10 Type 5- 3 Type 6- -4 Type 7- 1 Type 8- -7 Type 9- -2

> > My test scores:
> > As you see, I don't have that strong a connection to the really confrontational types, counterphobic Six or 8, but I have a strong 3 wing. These people around me piss me off and I LIKE the surge of energy I get from the anger PROVIDED I KNOW HOW TO CHANNEL IT.

> ***Well really counterphobic 6's are only confrontational at certain levels on the continum. Probably an ESTP cf 6 is more vicerally prominant than me an INTJ who is more in word than deed perhaps.
> I always test out as a 1 then a 5 on the Egram tests.

> You know of course 4,6,8 are the emotionally reactive types! 1,3,5 the rational types and 2,7,9 the optimist types.

>>I knew 4,6,8 are the emotionally reactive types. But even so, the 4 tendency is to withdraw and sulk, then maybe to try to talk to the offending parties in an empathetic way. Which I think would amount to nothing here (at work), they would see me as even weaker.

In my personal life, I go with my "natural" 4 responses, I withdraw and then if I want to change the situation I'll talk about my feelings with the person. But that doesn't work here. "They" (the powerful with the money) chew up and spit out the 4/INFP types.

What I meant by accessing my 3 wing was that 3s are directly confrontational and want to get right down to business and work out the problem, feelings aside.

It's interesting that you, P, test as INTJ, I associate that more with type 1s than 6s. But I know, 6s have the widest range of MBTI results. My significant other is an ESTP and an 8/9. Yep, he's verbally forward and blunt with people, very sarcastic if he doesn't get what he wants. Many of his friends are counterphobic 6s, and similar to him but more high-strung and conventional (that's how I know they are not 8s). I guess birds of a feather flock together.

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