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Re: Thank you for your advice!
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Re: Thank you for your advice!

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Posted by raz62 ( on June 13, 2003 at 07:55:59:

In Reply to: Re: Thank you for your advice! posted by Kittykats8 ( on June 13, 2003 at 01:08:23:

> > > > uhh.... No.

> > > > Money doesn't bring you 'hapiness and freedom'. Not alone anyways

> > > Right... Sounds like you're one of those narcisistic, status driven 3's! You aren't going to find any true 4's who agree with your obvious lack of intuitive depth on this message board, so go sound off to someone else who can share your shallow values!

> >
> > >>>>>It's great to be a 4/3, I am calling myself a narcissistic, status-driven, shallow achiever even as I am ecstatic and ordering the champagne because my stock has gone up this week! (BTW, all are welcome to this 4s ear, especially 3s, as that is my strong wing)

> But you've wondered, haven't you, in other messages if you might not be a 3/4?...seems possible. This 4/3 is closer to a TRUE 4.

>>>>>>>>>I actually thought everyone (you -Kittykats8, Jack, and I) were being a bit facetious. I don't think anyone is deluded enough to believe that money=happiness, nor do I believe that any 4 is deluded enough to think that they are intrinsically more intuitive and less shallow than a 3. If anything, an aerage 4 is just more aware of his or her own foibles than an average 3.

PS my lack of success in the career world suggests that I am NOT a 3/4.

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