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Re: alcoholic epiphany
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Re: alcoholic epiphany

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Posted by Guy ( on June 13, 2003 at 21:10:50:

In Reply to: Re: alcoholic epiphany posted by raz62 ( on June 10, 2003 at 14:18:54:

It's true. I only want to stop the cycle when I'm at the bottom of a dirty hang over. I'd rather have others around me who understand the plight of this kind of cycle than an actual CURE for it. Then, like you said, when things get boring, when there's a lull in the drama, when two or more days seem to bleed into when another... SOMETHING has to be done! Booze for me is the disruptor of the banal. It is kind of a vicious but fairly predictable cycle.

> Are you a 5 wing? I'm a 4-3 with a little 5 wing.

I'd say due to my inability to be practical, I'm more of a 5 wing. I have moments of sort of intense insight... followed by bills and bad luck and a hatred for severity and responsibility. Self-discipline for me is the greatest difficulty.

Goon on ya for your control!

> You bring up a lot of issues that I'd like to address.

> Number one is alcoholism, which is not limited to Type Fours, and which is not going to go away just because you gain knowledge of it. I am an ex-12 stepper, got clean and sober in 1993; but back in 2000 I got sick of the people in the meetings (typical Four individualistic stuff) and also decided to have a glass of wine on the weekend. I have since been ok with alcohol (which was not my drug of choice anyway), and have not relapsed into the "hard stuff." (ex. buying drugs off the street) I only tell you my experience so you know I've seen the alcohol problem from a few different perspectives. You never say that you want to stop the cycle, you say you only want someone to relate to how you feel.

> Indulging in extreme opposites -- that's part of being a Four, I think -- we whip ourselves into a One-ish state of "all good," and then we can swing to complete pleasure-seeking self indulgence and rejection of "good" (which I think is Sevenish, I believe Fours and Sevens have a direct line between them). Life for me becomes awful when it becomes a repetitious day in, day out fulfillment of duties. So then I do something -- like drink a bottle of red wine! And I curse the world for being full of sh!t. Then I usually bounce back and perform my duties again. (For example, I've held the same job for going on 4 years now.)

> Are you a 5 wing? I'm a 4-3 with a little 5 wing.

> I'll be looking for your next post -- more adventures with alcohol?

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