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Re: im 25 and just been prescribed seroxat (prozac~
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Re: im 25 and just been prescribed seroxat (prozac~

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Posted by schrips ( on June 15, 2003 at 19:56:16:

In Reply to: Re: im 25 and just been prescribed seroxat (prozac~ posted by minbari ( on June 07, 2003 at 14:55:23:

> I recommend hard work with a therapist, support group (church, al-anon type stuff, or something similar) and get off the drugs as soon as possible. Honoring your fears, anxiety, grieving, and all those emotions will suit you better in the long run. I was on meds for five years and it resulted only in suppressing stuff / developmental trauma / from when I was a kid. And everyone who suffers depression or the kind of negative self-talk you're talking about has something from childhood---whether an event or learned issues---that need attention and healing. The drugs just suppress all that. It nearly killed me to come off of them last year, after trying by myself for almost two years. I have now been working since last July 1 with a trauma therapist and it is so much better...still rough spots (life is full of pot-holes) but I'm becoming a better and better friend to myself.

> I also practice three forms of meditation----qi-gong, lectio divina, and zen. You're 25 years old! Slow down now and go inside yourself and face the stuff that scares you the most. You will be okay. Then you'll be better than okay. You'll be stronger and stronger and stronger. It's all in there---you're a four. You can do this. And you don't have to do it by yourself, but you also don't have to depend on anyone else from the outside dictating to you whether you're okay or not. You're okay, deep inside you already have everything you need. You just don't know it because you're in pain.

> Read "Start Where You Are" by Pema Chodron. Read "Women who Love Too Much" by Robin Norwood. And don't forget to shake your fist at God and then listen to God within you... Every day.

> > Hey ya. i've been on seroxat for three years (since I was 17) I'm a type four too. I have to say I didn't like the idea of being on medication, but it does help. it doesn't change your personality, or clarity of mind, the only difference I noticed was I felt more optomistic. When bad things happen, I don't feel all is over, I see things more positvely, thats all. Seroxat isn't prozac, I think the american form is xanax.
> > It raises the happy hormone in your brain, thats all.

Hi, I'm a 5, but I've got a strong 4 wing, so hopefully what I say will be useful. I was really depressed and suicidal all through high school and the first couple years of college. I really, really didn't want help becuase I thought I could do everything by myself (5) and secretly kind of liked the sense of identity I had cultivated by being depressed for so long (4). But finally I burned out, left college for a year and slept on my parents couch for a year. I took paxil for about 6 months, then started effexor, which I quit without my dr's knowledge (not recommended) and finally got off if it permanantely last year. Antidepressants aren't a cure-all, and I don't think they are as harmless as the previous post implies.

> > It raises the happy hormone in your brain, thats all.

However, if you fall to pieces anytime you try to deal with your issues, then it might be what you need. Listen to your doctor, they have a little distance from your emotions and can probably evaluate them better than you can right now. I felt like they just kept my emotions in check enough for me to really try to resolve my issues with the world, family, etc. That way when I decided I was ready to come off them, I could deal with everyday disappointments without falling apart because all the underlying issues were (at least to some degree) resolved. That said, they do lower your sex drive and effexor made me dizzy all the time (which I thought was due to my asthma until it magically stopped when I stopped the pills). Also, listen to your doc about how to come off them. My withdrawal symptoms sucked when I just decided to stop cold turkey...but were totally handleable when I weaned myself over about a month. Hope this has helped...and always remember that you are a beautiful person that can get over this depression, it'll just take some hard work and soul-searching. :-)

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