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Re: Achilles Tendencies-LINK
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Re: Achilles Tendencies-LINK

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Posted by TheBlob ( on June 16, 2003 at 11:04:34:

In Reply to: Achilles Tendencies-LINK posted by emoot(: ( on June 16, 2003 at 08:30:12:

Thank you for the link. I am pretty sure I am an INFP, and this description does fit how I talk to others in many situations:

"(4) Distracting or Irrelevant is the abrupt, illogical lurching from one unfinished statement, mood, and action to another. The "gentle" FPs are a good match with the Distracter mode. The FPs seem to be damping down the awareness and expression of their weaker Judging function, Thinking. Were they confident or brave enough to allow their critical judgments to take shape and come out, this would convey to others that they had a definite opinion to share, which is much more characteristic of their direct opposite, the "tough-minded" TJs. Instead, defensive FPs can often come across as illogical and hard to pin down. The abstract Distracters (NFPs) convey their erratic, logically unconnected messages primarily linguistically, through non-sequiturs in their speech. The concrete Distracters (SFPs) convey these messages in a relatively more kinesthetic manner, with relatively more observable erratic physical gestures and posture changes and relative less reliance on ideas."

I literally feel myself editing my speech mid-sentence. Or deleting it -- which leaves the listener with half a thought just hanging there.

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