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Re: To the Type 4 Ladies
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Re: To the Type 4 Ladies

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Posted by P ( on June 17, 2003 at 16:13:29:

In Reply to: Re: To the Type 4 Ladies posted by TheBlob ( on June 17, 2003 at 13:56:04:

> > ***She like her hollywood peers has the dietician, chef, personal trainer, consultants, cosmetic surgeon, magazine airbrushes and editing to

> >>>>>well, see, there are two problems here.

> >>>>>The first problem is actually a bit comical: I don't believe that people really start looking OLD old until their 60s or 70s

***Thats because you are 40.

But since you think you are starting to look a bit old, P, would you be so ignorant when you hit 40+ as to ignore a woman also in her 40s so that you can ogle some 20-something?

***No I actually look like early 20's but I notice small details about myself that my wife does not. I was comparing my present looks to my ideal appeance a few years ago. If I had the time and resources I could look better now than then but it would take major effort.

> >>>>>>>>>The second problem is one of perception. I have gotten two different answers to the same issue. One side says, "There is nothing wrong with you, you are as attractive if not more attractive than ever (because of all I've accomplished in life), the problem is that those 3 guys happened to be losers -- just hang with different guys." The other side says, "Well, what do you expect, you (me & the other over-35s on the female support staff) are just a bunch of old hens to the men, no matter what the man's age."

***Well did you want the young guys attention: A. to score with them or, B. to feed your self esteem/narcisism. Either way it seems you should go to your husband for both.

Men dont give a shit what a woman accomplished in her life. They only want something hot to look at and fantasize about. Thats what men get horny over. I am talking about sexual attractivness here. The man would want to score with a hot 7-11 worker over a sucessful lawyer.

Every woman has flaws on her body. Young and old alike. But older ones generally have more flaws. You cannot fight the war and win when the war is ravaging the entire bodies appearance (age). Even if its good on the outside there may be vaginal dryness, etc.

In my experience young women are more attactive physically yet are more unpredictable and harder to see eye to eye with. Older women have more experience in life, more mature yet the body has fallen down. Such is life. In the end those guys ignored you because you were old and married and in either case off limits for any normal, rational young single man.

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