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but put me closer to my long term goals is good,
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but put me closer to my long term goals is good,

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Posted by Margaret ( on June 17, 2003 at 23:53:23:

In Reply to: Margaret 4 months ago posted by raz62 ( on June 12, 2003 at 10:33:29:

> Now what went wrong over the past four months? I am interested because I want to learn how our expectations often cause future disillusionment and unhappiness.

***Seriously, if I met some bumps short term, in the long run, it's definitely for the better.
What it did was put me in the right direction, if not for my immediate future, then for my long term future.

My long term future is a career in biotech as a medical writer. ANd it put me right in the middle of the biotech community (see biospace. com for regional maps, you will see from Mass. to N. Carolina, and FDA in Wash DC that is where much the action is, even more than west coast).
It put me next to several higher edu med, biotech, and pharm schools, many top in the country, and a very select one with medical writing and regulatory affairs in drug developmet specialty that I have a chance of taking even just for a certificate if you can't get into Ms or MD program. Because I am not smart enough to get to med school, that's okay because what I really want is to take classes if not for credit or even certificate, then for knowledge, and/or at least start talking to the people in this industry, research institutions who need freelance help in writing their clinical reports, research papers, etc. I want to participate in communicating about all the new medical developments that needs to get word out and pushed through to FDA apporval so more people's lives can be saved and health improved. That is my passion. To push more advanced med developments out, because there is so much being discovered but not in the market, and since people don't know about it, they suffer and pass away without ever knowing something out there to alleviate their ailment. All I want to do is get these products approved, get people to learn about them and help major medical breakthroughs come to market. And after starting out offering pro bono work, after I have enough experience and a portfolio of writing samples big and advacned enough to show, I hope to start making a good living off of it gradually with more assignments and within 3-5 years, hope to get enough work to do it full time and year round and get paid well for it.

Meahwhile, I took this week off work to go to my father's office (in midwest) and learn A paper, because my current job does only B/C, not A, so when I go back to my office in PA next Monday, and hear my job is gone for good, I will have not just B/C experience, but also A basic training, and this will help enable me to get a job in the industry I am currently in rgiht now so I will hopefully get another job right away, so my short term goal is to be up and working full time by next month, July, in a permanent job that I can stay in for the next 3-5 years or so until I get my medical writing career up to where I can earn a decent living off it.

Another plus is that I am no longer so crowded, although, I do plan to move further south once I get my writing career up to par, I would like to move to possibly South Carolina/ Tennessee border and (bring my friend for the summer time/ weekends/ retirement) and get a log home on a lake in the Smoky Mountains in Tenn., that should satisfy my rural needs a little more down there, where it would be even less busy than up here. Even though it's definitely not that crazy NYC, or north NJ, west suburban Phil, PA is still east coast, and I need still more rural quite yet. But meantime, it is good here, and the best place for me to be at this time is right here. While I can still find something short term, I can finally start building up to my ideal career job long term, and this is probably the best ideal location to build it up from scratch in.
This is what I want to do long term.

And so, yes, although short term, brought on some short term bumps, longterm, definitely put me in a very, very good location. Now all I need to do is once I get a day job in my current occupation, buy a laptop and internet connection and either start taking local classes and meet people in my ideal target industry I will offer doing some writing for (even if pro bono offer to start with since I have nothing to show for right now). I really look forward to this. It will be a lot of work, but, it is ssomething I definitely want to do and have a well- thought out plan for and am ready for, and makes sense, and is realistic for me to achieve with my current education, skills, interest, abilities and potentials, and also has a strong need for in the marketplace long term as well as short term.

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