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Re: To the Type 4 Ladies
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Re: To the Type 4 Ladies

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Posted by Margaret ( on June 18, 2003 at 00:21:42:

In Reply to: To the Type 4 Ladies posted by TheBlob ( on June 16, 2003 at 15:22:19:

I have an idea that might work, or at least it's something that works for me. Get involved in a cause. Get a passion, for a cause, it can be practical, it can be ideal, or both. Believe in a higher cause and try to come up with goals for you to accomplish realisitic enough for you to achieve.
That way, instead of getting down about things you aren't interested in long term anyway, just put all your time and passion in to something that really touches you, something that really tugs your heart, something that you always had feeling for, an interest in, a passion for.
I could offer an example of my passion and how I am currenlty working on implmenting this in my life so I can work it into a realistic and practical career plan long term.
My cause/passion is to help the sick and dying come up with new cures to alleviate their pain and suffering, in particular, trauma victims, people really hurt bad, brain damage, burn victims, as well as current shortage of transplants available. I look at this and try to tie in my current skills knowledge and ability as well as potential, how can I take what I can do right now and put it to use to push forward my cuase? The anser is to become a medical writer, to communicate to others about the resolving the shortage, bringing out the new developmets to market, etc.
I wrote more about this down below in my response to your what happened 4 months ago to now post and long term, it put me right where I want my future career to go into. Right now I will start out learning my writing skills and offering freelance pro bobo till I get eventually good enough to do it for money full time, all this just doing what I want, to promote this cause, serving this higher purpose, serving the greater good for humans globally. This line of thinking really is what makes me feel better about my life and what I am doing with it. This is what makes me feel better long term. Having something that I feel is doing, putting some good in the world, long term, for many humans, most whom I'll never meet, just knwoing my long term goal in life is to do good, to help for the better of people, the world, I need something like this to make me feel better about myself. With all of my shortcomings, I sure could use doing something useful and beneficial for others for once. I sure could use it. And thinking about this, planning this, and doing my best to get started implementing this, makes me feel good, and is what I've been spending my time on a great deal lately. That and working on getting my next job for the short term, till I get my writing career on par, maybe 3-5 years from now, keeping this next job to pay the bills, that is my short term meanwhile. (I talk more about this in that post response below).

As an INFP, likley you might have one. If so, what you think it might be?

> Most Traumatic Experience #2

> They had just celebrated my 40th BD in the office with a cake. This was September 2002, only three months after the senior editor leaving and my not getting any promotion (That was most traumatic experience #1). After the meeting of the entire department, the boss invited us all out for drinks afterward, not for my birthday, just general socializing. Still, I expected to get a lot of attention and to have some FUN. I was even going to drink a rum and coke, and I rarely drink.

> Well I went with my 25 yr old friend who is very pretty. But I would not say that she is prettier than me. Maybe I’m delusional or conceited, but she is not prettier than me. But obviously the 3 guys who went over to the bar with us did not see it that way – AND ALL OF THEM WERE OLDER THAN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s what pisses me off – I would naturally expect guys younger than me to maybe not know how to deal with me except as nice big sister or something. BUT THESE FUCKERS WERE OLDER THAN ME.

> We got to the bar and the 4 of them – the 3 guys and my friends—started talking about sexual things and body piercing and tattooes. I tried to join in a couple of times, for instance, one of them mentioned going to a Dead concert and I had been to one so I could have discussed that – and they just fucking blew me off. Then one of the guys – our BOSS, a 56 yr old – asked my friend to go to the Rolling Stones concert with him. Errr, uhhh, what about me? DO I EVEN FUCKING EXIST HERE?!?!?!??!!??!?!

> This incident really really blew my mind. I would search in the mirror trying to figure out why I was so thoroughly rejected – I swear to God, nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I had always been shy and quiet but always men talked to me and paid attention to me. I was never so insulted in my life. I told the other women on the support staff what had happened and they were like, “Oh, they respect you too much to talk to you like that, and they respect your husband too much to ask you to a concert” . . . well why the hell didn’t they arrange a double date or something? (The other girl’s husband was over in Bosnia, in the service).

> The pain of both incidents – and the RAGE – it still is in my life, and I want to get rid of it.

> Getting another job would be a good start.

> As far as confronting the people involved, I don’t know about that.

> Now I think of myself as a big BLOB.

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