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Re: To the Type 4 Ladies
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Re: To the Type 4 Ladies

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Posted by raz62 ( on June 18, 2003 at 10:52:43:

In Reply to: Re: To the Type 4 Ladies posted by P ( on June 18, 2003 at 10:15:05:

> > > > > Most Traumatic Experience #2

> > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Thanks for your concern, Rho, but he (P) is very much a Six and they can be too blunt, but I think that is what he honestly thinks (40=washed up).

> ***Its that I am realisitic whereas a 4 NF lives in partially a fantasy/idealized world.

> > I think P is very wrong about "40=washed up" because two women I know just had babies -- for one woman, she is 42 and it's only her second child, the other was 40 and had her third.

> ***Yeah and the risk of downs syndrome is high with those old crows having babies. Not to mention they had to be artificially inseminated.

> > I guess my conclusion is that, of the population of heterosexual males, there is a significant percentage who have very very limited, conventional (and infantile in my opinion) "sexual attraction" radar.

> ***Its a natural sexual radar. Do not distort the natural order of things. 40 year old women are past their biological prime for child bearing and need the help of medical technology to concieve and are gambling on having birth defects.
> 40 year old women are also naturally less physically attractive then younger women. The skin has wrinkled, tits and butt sagging, age spots forming, greying hair, teeth browning, most are overweight, stretch marks, varicose veins, vaginal dryness and lack of muscle firmness. Ageing is harsh and women can only try to make an illusion with the help and cost of cosmetic procedures, pounds of makeup, hair dyes, etc.

> ***On a physical level any man will take a young fresh rose over a prune. This may sound harsh but you all need to stop living a lie.

> But then that still leaves hundreds or even thousands of them (dare I say millions?) who would be SMITTEN by a woman of maturity and accomplishment who is also half decent looking.

> ***Desperate losers who cant make it with a woman their own age and have some type of mother attachment.

>>>>>>>well I was told that one baby was a "happy accident," so there was no artificial insemination there (yes I'm naive enough to believe her). And he's now a healthy 3-yr-old.

Overall, my only comment is, I'm still in the game until I hit menopause (average age 50-51).

Also, in the younger men - older women combos I've seen, maybe there was a mother attachment thing, but NONE were desperate losers, the men CHOSE the older women over all the 20-something females around for whatever reason. (And not money either, these were all working/lower middle class women.)

Still I will get back to the point that being ignored by these middle-age men was a complete insult, rude, and shocking.

I enjoy these debates very much.

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