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Re: Hi Margaret!
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Re: Hi Margaret!

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Posted by Margaret ( on June 20, 2003 at 00:20:24:

In Reply to: Hi Margaret! posted by TheBlob ( on June 18, 2003 at 09:28:41:

***Wow, that's neat. WHich area in particular you think, creative, marketing, or technical, reports? What I've noticed lately has been for me somwhat discouraging however, that is with technical clinical writing jobs, they all are saying mandatory MD or PhD minimum, I know I thought I was just going to see if I can't buy a computer and give it a shot anyway (althouhg my heart is heavy now and self- doubts are sinking in especially now after having talked with my mother).

As for the more creative consumer marketing side, I have less than zero ounce of creativity in me. For all the 'hype' Nf and type 4s get about being 'creative', god, I am the exact opposite, if that even, I could never be creative if my life depended upon it. That is why I could only do the technical, only what is anti-creative, raw tech, that is the only thing I have chance at, but the problem here is my lack of education (and lakc of intelligence enough to acquire it, given the fact I couln't pass a basic math or algebra or hard science class if my life depended upon it), yet, all these technical job requirements want nothing but people with a background in exactly what I stink at, hard sciences.
It's like a cricle, I can't get in the creative side because I am not creative, yet I can't get in the technical side because I am not technical. I am once again, not able to fit in on either side, again, not wanted, needed or qualified to be on either side.

On the other hand, you have experience, (I don't). You do, that is great, and if you can do what you're doing now, you can definitely do it in medical. You have excellent chance. I say go for it. I ahve high hopes for you. You have lots of potential. And you are driven and intelligent and experienced. Go for it.

As for your husband, trucking is a great job. I had a brother who did that too. I'd do it myslef if it were not for this phobia of getting into accidents. He's making a good choice too. Both of you are. Go for it.

> That's a coincidence, your interest in medical writing--it is the field I have wanted to switch over to, leaving financial services. I live in Philadelphia and as you noted there is always a strong demand for writers and editors in the healthcare field.

> My most interesting news, though, is that my husband has decided he wants to take up truckdriving again. (We are both from blue collar families so this is no great shocking thing, even though he has his associates in business.) I am all for it, since that is one field where the jobs are supposed to be plentiful over the next 10 years, and hopefully I can go back to part-time work once he has 2-3 years of experience. BTW, his dad was a class A truckdriver for many years, and then my husband did it for a few years in the early 90s. But he would have to re-establish himself again, starting with school.

> I just hope he likes it once he is on the road for a week at a time (he wouldn't go for a job that required more than 4 nights away.) I'd probably practically live at my parents while he's away -- I need help with the 2 kids.

> Anyway, it was good to hear from you. I'm still at the boring job. But trying to have fun!!!!!

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