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for the record....
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for the record....

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Posted by emoot(: ( on June 23, 2003 at 12:14:12:

In Reply to: Re: My Life (and also an apology to emoot & others~ posted by Charlie ( on June 23, 2003 at 01:05:53:

> You are just a naturally weak person. So isn't emoot! Why are you apologizing to him?
That's like ted bundy apologizing to jeffrey
dahmer. Emoot is nothing compared to me. I could drop him like a fly. Understand? Emoot wants to sacrifice himself for others, because he has nothign to stand on for himself, no potential to reach. Don't let that foolish, primitive Christian ethic decieve you into thinking its ashame to be a self-centered bastard. Emoot is one of those idiots who equates a man who has made millions in his life with a criminal who has robbed millions. That's the kind of society of morons we are living around. You have to strive for yourself, not others. Find a meaning, an abstract ideal to work towards fulfilling, where you dont' have to sacrifice yourself like a tribalist, and walk the ends of the earth to reach it. Understand me?

> Charlie


I'm female. Economically speaking ......I believe in free enterprise.

Philosophically I'm interested in this abstract ideal thing.... what absract ideal do you hold for yourself and what kind of meaning does it give you? Are you an advocate of Objectivism?

Also, in the realm of philosophy.....If somebody robs millions does that make them a criminal?


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