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Re: dating advice for 4s
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Re: dating advice for 4s

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Posted by cancerdog ( on June 23, 2003 at 18:44:27:

In Reply to: Re: dating advice for 4s posted by j ( on June 23, 2003 at 17:14:51:

> I am an INFJ myers mriggs type. I have been casually dating a man but am not sure if he is a 6 or 9 but he is a big procrastinator--calls me on Friday night to make plans for the weekend which for a "J" on the MBTI is not very good. I agree about your assessment of 6s and 9s. I like them but their communication skills are not that good. It seems I have to draw them out a lot which is frustrating for a 4 who is good at expressing themselves. Your relationship is very long for a 4. That is great. I appreciate all your advice.

> INFJ. huh. that's cool. i have been working hard to act more Jish. when i do my life seems to get better, more stress free. i agree that it is hard to draw people out when you are an introvert 4. i have had the same experience. but it really can be done. we fours are all about relationships aren't we? :)

> ps. why is your name cancerdog? i'm curios...

> j

I have a hard time if someone is a P sometimes because I get hurt thinking that if they really liked me they would make time for me and be able to plan ahead of time. Yes, it is tough being a 4 and needing deep relationships. I often think it is hard to find men that have the passion and desire for intensity I have. I don't want someone as intense but at least have some of it.

My name is Cancerdog because astrologically I am a Cancer and according to Chinese Astrology my sign is a dog. I am not an astrology fanatic but find it interesting.

How does your 9 partner find your feelings and or intensity? What are your biggest challenges being together? Is there any enneagram you would never date or get along with the worst?

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