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Take It Easy...
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Take It Easy...

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Posted by Justin ( on June 24, 2003 at 00:53:07:

In Reply to: cant let go posted by justanillusion ( on June 23, 2003 at 21:54:53:

Dear jusanillusion,

Take it easy. It'll be much easier if you did it that way. Know how you tend to spill things when you are on a rush? It's the same here. Take it easy. It's probably easier for me to say it than for you to do it, but heck, I'm still suffering from the effects of a break up 1.5 years ago too. Different from yours in that I know I do not love her anymore (though I did), and her having left me for her ex doesn't sound too much fun either. Things are getting better between us though as I proceed to learn how to move on and can start accepting her as a friend without any hate anymore. Point- forgive (if you think that is involved. Both forgiving yourself and forgiving him; you are not a looser, and there are much better people out there too. And he did not do anything wrong either, people just live their lives, and sometimes, we just realise what's right for us, and what's not, and sometimes, it's better to take a turn when we have a chance, than to regret when we are 80).

With your profound affection with him however, I can only cue you to try and analyse things (if you like analysing) taken more into consideration your background and childhood. Try and think of what attachment style you have been raised to own and how it migh be affecting your perception of this breakup. It's hard to loose someone, I believe evryone on this board knows and has felt something like it before, may it be they want to admit it or whether they feel it to that profound level of yours.

Interesting thing is your name though :) Why call yourself just an illusion? YOua re not :) I am sure someone in this world care enough to know youa re not an illusion. OR if the name was meant for your ex, well, he's not either. He is still there (err... I think?) :). And maybe you guys can try and be friends at a later stage? Trust me girl, it'll heal. Just take it easy, hang on (I know you have heard of this before, but hey.. it's the only way:) ) Interesting thing I have come across last week though is that some people think the best way to heal is to not think about it... which I don't think matched 4s, but hey- try something new. Join clubs, and go out more with your friends. Watch more movies. Basically, take your mind off the matter, and you will find that one day, you will wake up, and the pain will not be there anymore. :) And you'll start believing what people sya about time and pain :)

You know, I remember that for the first 2 months of my break up... it was the most horrid time of my life! I had no sensations. It's like being a 4 yet not feeling any sensations.. it was one heck of a bad dream... :) I later confirmed that I had been denying that I was denying that I was depressed... (yes, two folded sort of complication)... Well, I am moving on now, though my current relationship seems still also to be suffering from it... *sighs*...

Hey, Miss Illusion, take is easy, kies? :) Here a (((HUG))) for you :) tomorrow will be a better day :)



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