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Re: Dear Charlie
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Re: Dear Charlie

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Posted by Damian ( on June 24, 2003 at 09:51:58:

In Reply to: Re: Dear Charlie posted by charlie ( on June 24, 2003 at 00:25:22:

What gives you first hand knowledge on whether or not God exists? Personally, I do believe in God. I'm not trying to say that you or anybody else should believe in God, a certain God, or should not believe in God, for that matter. The God I believe in is based upon my own personal experience and I do not expect anybody else to have the same belief because they have not had the same experiences I have had. I'm really wondering why you feel the need to be so rude on your posts. You said on the type 5 board that you didn't know how you were being rude. Yet here you are calling all people who believe in God disillusioned losers. Religious as well an non-religious people have been telling people what to believe and not to believe for centuries. I am no advocate of that approach. But even though you don't believe in God, you are advocating that approach - you're as bad as the most intolerant religious bigots. Now, I understand you don't believe in God, and that sets you apart from these religious bigots in some sense. But that's only on the level of your belief content. You're pushing your beliefs on others in the same manner. You might think you are being more objective not to believe in God, and that you are helping others with your objectivity, but in the end how can you transcend your own perspective? You can't. The only access you have to the truth is your ideas concerning it. So you cannot claim to be completely obejctive. Any argument you launch against the subjective is contradicted by the subjective bias of your own ideas. And you can't transcend that. Besides, people aren't going to listen to you just because you have insulted them on the basis of their beliefs. Most likely, they will cling to their beliefs all the more firmly as a result. If you think you have some insight for these people, why don't you offer it to them by backing up your claims instead of merely disrespectfully disagreeing with them? No one has a right to treat others with disrespect. You don't have any right to treat others with disrespect. And nobody else should have to put up with it. Now, if you want to back up your claims and speak in a respectful manner, then I will be more than willing to talk with you about them. Otherwise, you have no business on this chatbaord and should leave the rest of us along because you are offering us nothing.

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