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Re: emlogic
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Re: emlogic

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Posted by Justin ( on June 24, 2003 at 15:07:19:

In Reply to: emlogic posted by emoot(: ( on June 24, 2003 at 14:13:52:

I envy you emoot :) Long for such a relationship I do, but my current one is but breaking down. I am a bit starting to convince myself to move away fromt he conservative manner of relationships and starting to buy more of the Western culture (or rather, less conservative culture) of "you are not married until you are married).

I guess a bit of sightseeing would be good for me at this age. I mean, after all these years, I guess people of my age group just do not know ourselves well enough yet, and I know I am an ever changing person, so I guess trying to take relationship less seriously now will just save me from getting hurt like I have over the past few years.

I can see that your love for your husband really is pure Em, :) And I guess the love of Christ play a big role in it. Thank God for that :) Wonder if you have ever read this book: Boundaries of Marriage by Dr. Cloud (and some other guy). I love reading these books, they provide a lot of principles that certainly make relationships for me (if not 4s) much easier. I don't knowm but I used to be just so emotional in relationships and that really kills it.

I can sense that my current relationship is dying down *Sigh*. Thursday, we'll bde departing together for a trip for 21 days and I can only imagine how much NOT fun it will be. I just do not know where our love went. Maybe we were just both unsure. Or maybe I am just a bastard, that's all. I know our female counterparts always have this saying that "all guys are bastards"? haha... (starting a sexist thing here!)

But really guys, can any of you help me evalute my current relationship? Cuase I really feel dead in it. She throw tantrums all the time. And at the worst times, sometimes she just doesn't care about me having work due. I loved her I guess because she was like a child I could care for, and a friend of mine say this is normal because I want to love someone to feel that I would be loved back. but somehow... it's just becoming too much dependence. And I guess I am just lost within it. I don't even know why we are together anymore. But of course, when I do see her tomorrow (we are in a a long distance relationship), things always get better, cause everytime we see one another, it's either that I am good at manipulating her, or otherwise, she just changes when she sees me, perhaps her insecurities are met by the pure senses of me being visibly around. I don't know.

I bid you all the best in your relationship Emoot :) I know of people who would die to be in your place (me for one, kekeke)



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