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Re: dating advice for 4s
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Re: dating advice for 4s

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Posted by cancerdog ( on June 24, 2003 at 21:15:34:

In Reply to: Re: dating advice for 4s posted by j ( on June 24, 2003 at 01:42:50:

> > I have a hard time if someone is a P sometimes because I get hurt thinking that if they really liked me they would make time for me and be able to plan ahead of time. Yes, it is tough being a 4 and needing deep relationships. I often think it is hard to find men that have the passion and desire for intensity I have. I don't want someone as intense but at least have some of it.

> > My name is Cancerdog because astrologically I am a Cancer and according to Chinese Astrology my sign is a dog. I am not an astrology fanatic but find it interesting.

> > How does your 9 partner find your feelings and or intensity? What are your biggest challenges being together? Is there any enneagram you would never date or get along with the worst?

> ******************I'm gemini and also i think my sign in Chinese astrology is a dragon, so i'm geminidragon, i guess. catchy.

> ya. feelings and intensity. my 9 mostly enjoys my feelings and intensity. and i enjoy his stability. in the beginning of our relationship i was the one who had the problem with him not being deep enough or intense enough. it took a long time for him to open up to me. our biggest problems now come when we are both tired and stressed out. cause at that point, i really want to talk everything to death, and he wants space and quiet. if only one of us is stressed, it's ok, cause he has the patience to hear me out when I'm stressed, and make me feel all loved and i have the patience to just be, and make him feel nice and loved when He's stressed.

> the ennegram type that i find it the hardest to get along with. hmmmm. i have troubles with unhealthy 8's and unheathy 1's. but i love the healthy versions. how about you??

> j, aka geminidragon

Your 9 sounds like a very healthy/developed 9. Patience, security, and affection are definite pluses of 9s. I have found 9s have a hard time with conflict and emotions so you are lucky. 9s definitely like their space which I guess can also be desirable to a 4.

The types I dislike the most are 3s and 7s. They are both so narcissistic. I also feel 1s are too critical and 5s too unobtainable. One thing I have finally come to terms with is that I really need and want love and affection despite my fear of abondonment or not feeling worthy of being loved so those types will not make me happy or be healthy for me in the long run.

Are there certain parts of the country where different types tend to live? I live in Boston and it seems there are a lot of 5s, 1s, and some 8s.

Gemini and a dragon would make sense being a 4--very imaginitive, creative... I think that some astrological signs would be a natural for some types. I think a lot of 9s and 5s are Libras. Do you see any correlation?

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