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Re: Queer, 5wings
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Re: Queer, 5wings

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Posted by The4Blob ( on June 27, 2003 at 10:09:22:

In Reply to: Re: Queer, 5wings posted by Ella ( on June 27, 2003 at 03:49:17:

> But do you not think having a 5wing helps you to keep a little careful about religion? I know that's not great, treading carefully around God etc! But I like how I CAN "rationalise" my faith, especially when I'm going through rough patches, e.g. looking at what's around me, knowing how I've felt before, knowing that everyone goes through said rough patches..
> I guess parts of our personality can be a help and a hindrance, though.
> -Ella, x

>>>>>>>The whole area of how we can know something (is it officially epistemology?) fascinates both my 4 core and my 5 wing. I have often wished that God would just walk up to me one day and say, "Yes, there is an afterlife and things work out happily, eventually, for all things." Then he or she could prove being God by vanishing into thin air or something, with some majestic visual show in the sky accompanying.

Yet, as scientists and philosophers have proven, that kind of empirical knowledge is no more trustworthy than the more subtle ways that we intuitively know of God's existence and an afterlife. Many times we can trust our senses but sometimes we can't. Why I deep down believe in God and afterlife, I couldn't prove rationally. But my 5 wing will NOT disallow that our existence might be meaningless and we are just pathetically trying to put some meaning into our infinitesmal slot of time alive. It's a horrible thought but my 5 wing will not allow me to rule it out -- it can't be proved or disproved, it's still a mystery.

But as some philosophers believe, that we are each our own God and that this life is all we get -- that just seems ridiculous when you look at a mountain or listen to a great work of music -- we puny humans are certainly NOT God. We are a small part of something big and I believe wonderful. What happened on 9/11 -- and, shortly before that, I was extremely upset by the lady in Texas who drowned all of her kids -- those kinds of things are enough to put your "faith" into agony, but I believe suffering does end and then ultimately there is peace and bliss. If we weren't meant for peace and bliss why do we (at our best) always go toward it? (Only someone really demented in the head would move away from it.)

I need to do more reading and other information gathering before I can comment on this further.

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