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Re: Identity crisis -- 4/3 or 7/6
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Re: Identity crisis -- 4/3 or 7/6

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Posted by Bertram Ostrer ( on July 03, 2003 at 12:15:26:

In Reply to: Re: Identity crisis -- 4/3 or 7/6 posted by TheBlob ( on July 03, 2003 at 07:47:24:

> He's an 8/9

Oh, OK. Cool. :)

> that might be what you perceived, the quiet side ... he is not as "bohemian/iconoclast" as he looks

I didn't notice that he looked quiet or bohemian/iconoclast. I was going more on what I perceived to be Image Triad energy, which I'll concede can be mere illusion in a still photograph since self-expression is essentially fluid and kinetic. The picture is down, so I'll have to go by memory, but I think your hubby looked like a Sexual Variant, perhaps Social last.

I'm also a Social "laster," being nearly equal in Self-Pres and Sexual, and I've created a few public scenes on account of poor service myself. Since that reaction is under stress, it fits the Enneagram as neatly as anything does. I'm *really* trying to control the impulse. Heh. In _Transformation Through Insight_, Naranjo describes Social Four as shy and sweet, the kind of person that is doubtless referred to when people say "I can't imagine Fours ever being cruel." In the case of Sexual Four, he observes similarities to Eight, and notes that the Sexual Four's aggressiveness is "more visibly an overcompensation [for being abandoned or misunderstood]" than that of Eight.

In a way, I agree with your husband that people cannot be boxed in to nine types. The trick is that the Enneagram describes only a small part of the person. Though the scope of this part is quite specifically defined, the nature itself of each type is best described in general terms. I think most people over-specify the type descriptions, if you know what I mean. I use many personality typologies, most of them frequently discussed on these boards, in conjunction with the Enneagram, and I think that even in combination, this amalgam of typologies can describe only a small part of the person's mind. Ironically, many of these on-line discussions give a contrary impression.

> and other people have looked at that pic of me -- with the low-cut blue-black lace dress -- and said the same, "4/3."

Go figure, heh. ;)


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