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Re: it's not boring,
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Re: it's not boring,

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Posted by Margaret ( on July 11, 2003 at 15:49:27:

In Reply to: it's not boring, posted by Margaret ( on July 11, 2003 at 15:42:38:

***I'm sorry I didn't respond back earlier, I would have, but when I get depressed, I have barely enough energy to go back home and lay down, and no energy to be able to communicate or reach out to other people.

> > > We were told yesterday that there are no raises for us this year. We were informed that we could get an advance on our Christmas bonus if we felt we needed it. THE END.

> I say your "rant" isn't boring. For some people it is productive to share experiences as it makes others feel consoled in knowing they are not the only ones going through similar experiences.

> I have been feeling really low lately, very depressed. It's alwasy hard to speak with others, go to library to post, etc when I feel so depressed.

> I just accepted a temporary assignment with no benefits to begin this Monday.I have not told them I quit yet. But when they fired the other processor, (the young kid from college smarted off to management when he flew out to Corporate headquarters), I asked if I could at least have one of my old job back, at least one of two which I got demoted from. Becuase if not, then I will have to start looking elsewhere. They said they'd think about it. So I started interviewed with a temp agency and another processing job, which made me late two times. Yesterday I asked again if they decided yet because I did not want to leave for another job. They said they already found someone (with no prior experience) to fill the position, and the reason I couldn't have it because I was out interviewing for another job.
> Can you believe that?
> Unbelievable.

> I don't want to lose my benefits and steady income security. My medicine costs $159 per month and requires monthly doctor visits which is $200 or more a visit. Minimal medical bills alone is a whole week's paycheck.
> My car and insurance another week. My rent and utilities the next two. I mean, looks like I don't eat, or buy furniture, or clothes, or go anywhere or do anything. Because the week's pay now covering my meds was supposed to be the week's pay that I can go shopping with for that month.

> This is of course that I have a steady income. With temping, I can be months without income. I really don't want to temp and quit a steady job. But my father who I ask for advice told me he would lean towards that side because I didn't seem to have much future where I am at now. So I guess I'm just going to take his advice I think.

> Aside all this, I went up north last weekend and finally got some temporary 'peace of mind' for once. That is the one positive thing I have going on right now. The one thing I have to look forward to, the weekends, driving far away, far enough to where I feel I can "escape" for a small time being at least. Where no one can find me. Where I am free, where no one can find me, where no one can hurt me. Where I have 'peace of mind' at least temporarily for once.

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