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Re: Possibilities
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Re: Possibilities

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Posted by schrips ( on July 14, 2003 at 18:38:15:

In Reply to: Possibilities posted by Wingman ( on July 13, 2003 at 17:29:49:

> If you are male you can say 5w4. If you are a female you can say 4w5.
> Then you can be both. In either case, you would have a resistance to
> "integration at a security point." 5 going to 8 (Dad) would be tough.
> 4 going to 1 is usually a challenge also (accountability and insensitivity.) Another option: Annie Lennox or Stevie Nicks?
> Daniel Day Lewis or Nick Nolte? England or France? INTP or INFP?
> Consider meeting with other people familiar with the ennegram and
> obtain some feedback. Finally, try not to dwell on "getting it right."
> Eventually, some "aha" moment will occur on its own if you remain open
> to exploring the Enneagram. For the moment you are in the "void, abyss,
> black hole at the 'bottom' of the Enneagram." Focus on "being" as an
> antidote to thinking and feeling. That is where clarity is more likely
> to be found (IMHO.) Enjoy the adventure.

I'm just curious why you think my gender would change what my type is (or what I should say it is??) btw, i'm female. For the either-or's: stevie nicks, daniel day lewis, england, intp....(atleast today). The thing is I often feel evenly split down the middle---I go on the 4 board and sometimes want to scream "stop being so whiny and get over yourself" but in the 5 board when people write that emotions are unecessary, stupid, etc "stop being so ridiculous and make a few friends who you don't just meet trhough 1s and 0s". Ah well. It's not so much that I think I need to get the answer "right" but that I feel kind of stuck in my life right now (just graduated from college, no idea what to do with the rest of my life, or even if I chose the right career area) and I think I could somehow figure things out better by knowing this.

I don't know if you've been over to the 5 board recently and followed any of the "charlie's a troll" hubbub, but it prompted me to wonder if most people here aren't using the ennneagram as it was intended... From what I've read, ego/personality type is depicted as a trap to your growth, falling back on coping mechanisms simply because they are comfortable, but not necessarily healthy. Yet on this site most people are like "yeah, I love being a 5 (or 7, or 2, or whatever) it's the best thing ever". Admittedly, if you are cmooing from a self-hatred place, you need to pass through a stage of loving who you are before you can grow and realize that you might need to change (but from a self-actualizing not hating viewpoint). So do you think that this site and others like it are actually causing people to remain stuck in the "I love that i'm a 4" mode longer than they should, preventing them from seeing the larger scope of life and only seeing these 9 little designations? I hope that makes sense. Thanks!

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